Digital marketing strategies have been perfected over the years. And today, they allow companies to connect with the public in a faster and more personalized way. 

Like other advertising techniques, digital marketing strategies have evolved in recent years. New trends appear for the future and it is time for all companies to take them into account. Only then will they be able to survive in an increasingly competitive and demanding work environment.  

But what is digital marketing?

It is a set of strategies focused on promoting a brand in digital channels. In Peru, this discipline has gained a lot of ground due to the expansion of electronic commerce. According to projections by the EXE agency, published in the newspaper El Comerce , this market will grow between 30% and 50% this year. 

If you are interested in growing your brand, pay attention to these digital marketing strategies that will help you achieve it: 

Get ready for a world without cookies 

Cookies were for years a valuable resource to collect user data. But very soon they will stop working. In fact, Google has already started the process of eliminating cookies and projects that by the end of 2023 they will no longer exist. Given this, brands will have to execute new marketing strategies to connect with customers. For example, taking care of and working with the data they obtain from purchases on their website, surveys or through the CRM.  

Apply machine learning 

For Mitchell (1983) , machine learning is “the study of algorithms that allow computer programs to improve automatically through experience.” This allows the creation of systems capable of learning and performing actions without the need for constant human intervention. For example, to send personalized messages when a user clicks on an ad.  

Focus on delivering personalized experiences 

According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, replicated in Management , 80% of consumers are more willing to negotiate if they receive personalized experiences. Therefore, it is important that your digital marketing strategies are aimed at providing this type of experience. To do this, you can use dynamic remarketing. This consists of showing advertisements with products or services that the user has already seen on the web page. Thus, you can promote your purchase.

Take care of the privacy of your public 

More and more users are concerned about how their data is treated by companies. Many have already desisted from providing personal information. This has forced companies to find new ways to predict what their customers will buy. A practical way to do this is through discounts. Offering them in exchange for personal data can be a quick way out of this growing problem.   

Join the new digital platforms 

TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts are spaces with a huge global audience. On these platforms, short and reduced-size videos lead. This format is already used by multiple companies. Do not be left behind and choose the platform where you consider that there are more possibilities to connect with your target audience.  

conversational marketing 

Users today prefer self-service experiences. That is why the use of conversational marketing is increasingly important in digital marketing strategies . It is a model focused on real-time conversations with consumers through, for example, chatbots. This speeds up the passage of leads through the conversation funnel and adds value to consumers with personalized attention.  

Bet on content marketing

Recently, Google announced that it will give higher priority to relevant, informative and useful content for users. Therefore, now more than ever it is important that digital marketing strategies prioritize content quality over quantity. An excellent idea for this purpose is to implement content marketing actions. This type of marketing focuses on the development of pieces to help the public solve their doubts and turn the brand into an authority in the medium. For this, formats such as: articles, videos, galleries, post images, ebook, etc. are used.


In 2022, video will represent 82% of all online traffic, according to a study by CISCO . In such a way that this format will have more possibilities to position itself in the first pages of the SERP. Even more than SEO. Therefore, video marketing is imposed as a mandatory technique for all companies that want to have a presence on digital channels.  

instant messaging apps 

The use of instant messaging applications will be another valuable resource in digital marketing strategies . For example, WhatsApp Business allows you to display ads in statuses and provides automated responses to users. Likewise, it allows you to create groups of audiences to give them promotions, discounts or, simply, information about a product or service.

mindful marketing 

This type of marketing consists of highlighting the philosophy and values ​​of a company. For this, the production processes, the work team, etc. are shown. Mindful marketing has begun to grow from the interest of a younger society that seeks to feel identified with a brand and with the causes that it follows. Therefore, it is advisable to take it into account when designing digital marketing strategies.