SME social networks

Today, it is unusual for people to have no presence on social media. For 20% of users, social networks are a purchase channel. According to data from the ‘Study of Social Networks 2022’ carried out by IAB Spain, 43% affirm that comments on social networks influence their final purchase decision.

This new reality opens up new opportunities for brands to reach their customers, so it’s important for small businesses to devise a plan that includes a social media strategy.

Main benefits that social networks bring to Spanish companies

  1. Increase potential audience: Social media is a new medium for potential customers to see a company’s products and services. This allows entrepreneurs to access more potential customers and keep them informed of all offers and news. Although you can have a brand presence in the different profiles of social networks, a good content marketing strategy must focus on the client, and not on the company. To do this, you have to spend time analyzing what type of post can be relevant for each target audience. It is important to create content that attracts followers because it is the most effective way to generate interest, consumption and sharing. This helps increase the reach of the audience and to interact with it.
  2. Improve customer engagement: One of the best ways to use social media is to offer a closer look at your small business and more personalization for your followers. Consumers are increasingly turning to these platforms for all kinds of queries. Users are looking for quick and direct answers. These channels allow permanent communication, increasing satisfaction and commitment.
  3. Reach the target audience defined by the company: Many of the social media platforms allow you to promote posts to reach many more people thanks to the option to segment your audience : you can divide it according to the interests of the users, the location, the age, gender…
  4. Create a positive brand image: today, many users decide to search for information on the Internet about brands and products, before making a purchase. Therefore, social networks can play a fundamental role. They can be great allies to build a brand and create a community around it. Using them properly, it is possible to increase the exposure of a small business, improve credibility and, in turn, the recognition of the firm among potential clients.