The power that videomarketing has today is something that cannot be questioned. Any web developer, graphic design and marketing agency or advertising agency knows the importance of technology and its implication in advertising campaigns, but they may not know everything about editing videos and the best way to optimize them.

Sometimes, we think that the process of creating effective and attractive video content involves having a great team, but the truth is that today almost any of us (with a little curiosity and time) can edit videos of pretty good marketing and spread them quickly.

The best apps to edit videos from your mobile device

There are various mobile applications that will allow you, from your smartphone or tablet, to make video compositions with which to nurture a videomarketing strategy, and today I would like to show you some of them:


We start with a video app that is so easy to use that before you know it, your video will be complete and finished. And it is that with Magisto, the creation happens only by choosing the video, the music and the theme, and then it alone is in charge of mixing everything automatically, achieving an amazing result.

One of the most appreciated functions of this video application is that of automatic stabilization, making the “come and go” considerably reduced. In addition, we can add very different filters, effects and transitions, to later share it on our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube (very important), or send it by email.


This other video app option (available only for Apple) is really spectacular. Apart from the fact that it is very easy to use, something that is almost common in most of these Apps, it offers a multitude of graphic design effects to apply to the videos. It should be noted that these videos can be composed of photographs, something that is great if we want to use the image speed synchronization function with the music.

But not only that, Replay gives you the possibility of taking video shots in slow motion, something very interesting to give the project a different vision. Then we can share the result on our YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter channels, or even send it via WhatsApp!

Camera Plus Pro

Perhaps, and by its name you may have noticed, it is the most complete and professional application that I am showing you today. With Camera Plus Pro, your videos will have a unique and special finish, but it’s only available on the App Store, so Android lovers won’t be able to enjoy this wonder (sorry…).

The functions offered by this App go from exposure adjustments, white balance lock or brightness lock, to being able to put 18 filters (photo) or use the burst mode.

Already in video mode, it offers 9 types of filters to use live and two quality options; the 720p and 480p. In addition, it offers various editing options; at full resolution and in real time.


Perhaps the most entertaining, dynamic and fun application of all. Vyclone is a video editor that stands out for a very peculiar function in this type of App, and that is that it is a collaborative tool in which different videos can be recorded (by several people and in the same place) to create a composition with different points of view.

This composition is done automatically once all the cuts have been loaded, a feature that makes it special and different from all video editing applications, why is it very attractive?


Let’s go with this last, but not least important App to edit videos. In this case, Vintagio wants to take us back in time to give our videos that vintage, nostalgic look that so many people love.

Its functions to achieve this are to include different filters, such as black and white, sepia, 1920s style or with that touch that the videos of the early 1960s had. In addition, this application allows you to slow down or speed up the cuts or include effects Sound. In this way, we can have a video in the purest silent movie style. Great, right?

I hope that more than one freelance web developer or app programmer will be curious to start creating their own videos now, and let us know how these apps turn out for them.