The key to success in studying from home: establishing study habits and routines

The time of exams has arrived for all our students of Degree in Tourism, as well as for those of Higher Degree Cycles. To survive online final exams it is important to establish study habits and routines. 

Before starting, it is important to motivate yourself for what you are studying, this will make everything much easier. From there, just follow these 5 simple tips to study from home:  

1. Planning

Planning is always important.

You must take into account the dates of exams and deliveries, where you will have to spend more time. And, in addition to general planning as a study tip, it is ideal that each week you plan the next one by setting small goals each day, so it will be more satisfying to meet 5 simple goals a week than one big and cumbersome one.    

2. Study space

Avoid getting distracted by anything.

For this it is essential to have an adequate study space. This translates into a large table, a comfortable chair, a bright room, noise insulation and only essential material (computer or tablet, agenda, sheets of paper and pens).  

3. Study times

Manage your time effectively.

A great method for managing study times is by the minute dose. That is, studying without getting up at all for 30, 45 or 60 minutes and then taking a 5 or 10 minute break to free yourself. In this way you alternate studies and breaks in a balanced way, concentrating a lot on the moments of study.    

4. Study method

Reading and memorizing is only part of the study.

There are many other techniques such as transcribing, underlining, summarizing, making outlines or making conceptual maps that will also help us understand and memorize what we study. Recording yourself reading to listen to it, reciting the syllabus out loud or explaining it to another person can also help us. Likewise, carrying out practical exercises or studying real cases allows us to understand things better. And don’t forget that colors help memorize…

5. Avoid distractions


If you use the computer, try not to access the internet to avoid social networks or “Googling” any nonsense. Music can distract us and end up singing every song, so try calm or instrumental music to help. And having a bottle of water on the desk will keep us from getting up to the kitchen and entertaining ourselves there.    

Tips for studying from home – Extras:

  • Getting a good night’s sleep (at least 8 hours) helps us establish knowledge, and getting little sleep causes memory loss.
  • The intense days of study are used more in the middle of the study cycle. The days before the exam only increase our stress and do not give time to establish knowledge.
  • Ask your teachers the best study methods for each subject. There will be no better advice to study than those given by those who dictate the subject.
  • Avoid having a window right in front of you or having many decorative elements on the walls, so you will not raise your head from the notes every minute.
  • Sugar gives us energy to study, it’s good. But taking caffeine or taurine daily to “focus more” can be bad for our health.


And after several hours of study, some activity is necessary to clear our minds, such as playing sports, playing an instrument or going out with friends. In this way, we will acquire a serious and healthy study habit that will allow us to enjoy what we study and learn. Our students of the career in tourism and Higher Degrees already do it and now you do too. Let’s learn to manage our time effectively .