Moving to new homes always brings with it security concerns, so here are some tips to make your new home safer.

It is important to start by knowing that in most cases of robberies and thefts in homes in our city, the thieves gain access through the main door. For this reason, securing a good door with a high degree of protection is the first defense against theft.

Replacing the old and obsolete lock on the door with a more efficient device that presents protection systems to make it difficult for criminals to work is only the beginning to guarantee a front door that is truly secure, because the reality is that the majority of Thieves know that a large part of the locks installed do not have protection systems. Thus, they are opened easily and in a very short time using specific tools and techniques.

To have a good security door, we can carry out some small actions that can significantly increase the protection of homes, so we leave 5 tips to ensure a resistant door against any type of opening attempt:

  1. Replace the strike plate : The strike plate is the metal piece where the deadbolt locks into the door frame. In most cases, the strike plate is only capable of holding the door shut, but is not strong enough to prevent the door from opening during a forced entry attempt. Installing or replacing a stronger model plate with longer screws and a full metal casing for the latch to lock into will improve the door’s ability to withstand a few forceful knocks.
  2. Reinforce the Door: A persistent thief can eventually break the door frame with a single heavy kick attack. There is usually only an inch of the wood that secures the plate in place. A good alternative is to secure the door brace, to provide the ability to withstand forceful entry attempts. With the use of door strengthening products, where they add a layer of steel to prevent door frames from splitting, making the act of kicking open a door much more difficult.
  3. Swap Inexpensive Hollow Doors for Security Doors: Hollow doors should be used for interior spaces only, not for external entrances. Solid wood doors are a bit more expensive, but infinitely stronger than hollow-core models (some that are just cardboard inside). Pine doors are generally the most affordable wood options, but hardwood is preferable. Armored or armored security doors are also an astonishingly safer option, and also resistant, where they can withstand attacks for a longer amount of time, so the bandits will choose to carry out the attempted invasion in a hacienda that does not have one. high security armored door.
  4. Securing door hinges if the door slides out and is exposed : If a skilled burglar notices a door swinging out, they may resort to attacking the hinges. There are three methods to improve security at this vulnerable point: the set screw in the hinge, the quick rivet nails (crimps) and the security bolts. All three prevent the hinge pin from being removed, to lift and open the door.
  5. Add eye-catching lighting: Ideally, it should be clear that the door is under surveillance with sufficient lighting. It is an effective way to intimidate criminals and make your home more secure. Adding a motion detection LED light above a door is an affordable and useful option. But, remember to install it safely, where no one can remove it. It is also possible to find various high-tech options to add the main door, such as connecting the main door to the wi-fi and wireless network for remote monitoring, access control through fingerprint detection, invisible locks, among other security devices.

 security door provides many protection benefits , but these doors are also very effective for noise reduction, as a good security door provides considerable sound insulation. They are also safety devices that add electricity savings, since they control temperature very well, reducing cold and heat, avoiding the need to use heating and air-conditioning.

Having a good security door in our homes can guarantee the protection of everything in the home. Therefore, it is a device that must always be in perfect condition in order to withstand any kind of attack. Remember that the other devices that make up the security system of a door are also of fundamental importance, so it is necessary to pay attention to the operation of each one of them.