Here we have some useful sales funnel example templates for you. These are easy to replicate examples and you are going to find them useful.

We have seen that buyers have become more informed day by day, for the reason that all business owners should use ideal and perfect kinds of sales funnels.

In addition, to nurture your relationships with your customers and to reach out to a wide audience, these examples and illustrations can help you.

They help you get loyal paying customers each time. Moreover, to have exclusive details and updated information on ClickFunnels $19 Plan, you can keep tuned and in touch with us.

Try out this package of ClickFunnels and make classy sales funnel templates.


The first useful sales funnel example we have for you is this Basecamp. This one is a popular and highly used collaboration software that you can go for.

If you want to get useful lessons on branding, then this is the right sales funnel illustration for you. It manages to attract leads for you and aids you in creating organic website traffic.

In addition, it makes your home page highly attractive looking and gets it filled with some organic traffic. It brings heavy account growth on to your website.

Furthermore, it is with the help of social proof abounds that you can get to know what kind of sales funnel type they are, what main functions they perform, and how you can make the best use of them.

They move and nurture your leads and even offer you a 30-day free trial. It makes your nurturing campaigns stronger and better.

Hence, we have seen that these sales funnel example is supported and backed by the no-strings-attached factor. To compete in the current times, you should use this medium and make your business stand out.


Most importantly, these respective and subjected sales funnel illustration can nurture your business on great and heavy notes.

It has so far managed to grab and attain an 80 million dollar growth strategy. If you have not previously heard about this sales funnel type, then here you can check out the basic information about it.

This medium educates and aids you to make digital ads and go on pursuing affiliate partnership programs and also organizing social media campaigns.

Once you are going to arrive right on their website, then you need to press that call to action button so that you can instantly get to know where to proceed further. Moreover, by clicking on this button, you know about their meal plans.

Apart from that, they have easy and convenient ways to navigate sales pages. These sales pages are inducted and embossed with complete meal options, the details of pricing as well as coupon information.

Thus, we have concluded that HelloFresh has the potential to turn and transform your sales funnel right into a marketing lifestyle.

It successfully generates and creates new customers for you. If you are going to give generous coupons to your audience, then they will become loyal customers of yours.

This platform guides you on how to reward any of your new customers and convince them to join your program.


You might be wondering how Groupon is marked as the best sales funnel example, here you can know about that! This company is the name of innovation.

It helps you earn maximum and organic traffic. In addition, it makes use of a large number of paid search ads.

This is the kind of platform that properly guides you on how to do affiliate marketing and go on doing retargeting. It aids you in processing the tasks of email marketing and earns direct traffic for you in less time.

It is their homepage that speaks on its own. You are free to browse and search deals based on filters and categories.

Apart from that, their checkout process is extremely and immensely simple. This whole process is streamlined and offers the users an extensive number of payment options.

To all starters out there, this is easy to use the platform, It is embossed with clear and simple call to action buttons.

It claims to move your audience and traffic right from one funnel stage to another. This sales funnel example makes it clear to its audience what they should expect from it!

Besides, it does not overcomplicate things or any of the stuff for you. You can conveniently use this platform and share your views about it.

To custom-craft any funnel of yours, this is a handy example for you. The best part of using this medium is that it automates your sales in less time.

It helps you seeing and witnessing the client lead generation mechanism. This software guarantees and claims to offer you better and high-quality prospects.

We recommend you try out this medium because it educates you on how to own a sales pipeline that is fully covered and surrounded by organic clients.

When you use this platform, then make sure that you implement the right sales funnel strategies.

Moreover, you can get organic traffic and referrals all with the help from AutoGrow’s weekly newsletters as well as articles.

There is this main call to action present and injected on their homepage so that you can check out the demo video regarding this Done-For-You service.

All of their newsletters, articles, and also their products’ page lead right back to their homepage. 

Their pricing page brings more visibility to your audience. We can say that this platform will work lucratively for you.

By utilizing this platform, your products are going to be displayed with all features and information and too guarantees.


If you feel like getting complete control over your agency, then use this platform. Moreover, this exclusive platform helps you take your clients and also your team on the same page.

You earn more and more contracts and educate you in making your business better day by day. This platform is straightforward to use.

Besides, you are free to use its email newsletter and blog section. You are going to find its homepage section well and nicely designed.

It is its pricing page that comes with the pricing table and that is also super simple and convenient to use.

For the information, this platform is packed with four different and varied tiers. And they are freelancers, small teams, and also consultancy and agency.

You can have its 14-day free trial and then choose which of the tiers you want to choose and select! We have always praised this platform because it works and functions so well.

It comes with none of the tire-kickers and you can seamlessly sign on it. Along with that, it is true that this platform is unique and creative.

You will find it much instructional and helpful.

Pros Of Using These Sales Funnel Examples

All of these above-mentioned sales funnel examples works in the best and professional state.

These examples and proven illustrations offer potential paths to the user. They help in redefining your sales processes and procedures.

They guarantee to craft your customer journeys on successful notes. These are modern and trendy sales funnel examples that you should be trying out now.

These examples offer you a comprehensive way so that you can fulfill all stages and phases of your buyer journey without making any kind of guesswork.

Now, use any of these mentioned and recommended sales funnel examples and convey to us about your experience, views and comments about them.


It is time to shift and transform your sales strategies and you can do that by selecting and using any of these sales funnel examples.

You can keep in touch with us as more details are coming up on these super useful sales funnel illustrations that you can replicate.

If you have used some similar type of examples, then share your experience with us. And let us know how much you find them easy to replicate and copy.

Keep tuned over here and redefine and re-craft your sales strategies and bring maximum profit for your business.