In today’s competitive market for mobile apps, there is absolutely no excuse for a business not to go ahead and protect its intellectual property rights with a mobile app development company that offers protected IP. The threat to a business comes from a multitude of sources including hackers who want to break into the company’s protected system, or corrupt employees who gain access to the company’s confidential information. Whatever the reason for concern, securing your business data and communications is critical.

Companies that don’t take the step of securing their intellectual property are going to be at risk of losing business and stalling their growth altogether. Companies that offer protected IPs ensure that they provide their customers with the highest level of security available. There are various options for companies to choose from. These include:

Work Software International (WSI) is a global leader in the mobile application market. Their flagship product, Appsware, gives business owners the ability to create highly customized and secure mobile apps. They offer two-way IP protection, which protects the data even when the app is deleted. WSI has several mobile app development partners including Appiction. The company offers all types of security including:

The BlackBerry is another well-known manufacturer of portable devices offering excellent security to the user’s data. The BlackBerry Playbook is a great example of a mobile app that offers high levels of security. It allows the user to create secure web connections so you can access your data from any computer or smartphone that has the Playbook connectivity card. If you have a large amount of sensitive data that you need to keep secure then the BlackBerry Playbook is definitely one to consider.

BlackBerry’s 10.3 version continues to offer excellent security to your data. With BlackBerry Playbook users can access their data securely even while they are away from the device. The BlackBerry Enterprise Solutions Manager gives you the power to manage your mobile app and the data on it from any PC or smartphone. You can set up permissions and controls to limit access from certain parties. BlackBerry Enterprise Manager helps you manage and secure the mobile app and the data on it with ease.

The Android Market is another leader in offering mobile applications. Google has several mobile apps available for download. One example of an excellent Android mobile app is Square Sine. This is a real time ringtone maker that is available for free on the Android Market. Square Sine allows you to create your own ringtones that are compatible with most mobile phones and can be customized according to your needs. You can also use this application to create ringtones that are compatible with the Square Sine application and other applications.

As we all are aware of the dangers of having private and sensitive information, secure data storage is very important. The secure data storage system in BlackBerry Playbook is an SD card reader. You can easily transfer the data you need from your phone or tablet to a laptop or PC. The card can also be used as a reader to read the phone’s data messages and emails while traveling.

The BlackBerry Playbook offers users a number of features at a very affordable price. With the large variety of applications available you can certainly find a good app development solution for your business needs. These are just five of the many security measures available in the BlackBerry Playbook. Find out more about the security measures available in BlackBerry Playbook using our Apps Guide.

Today’s smartphones are considered to be minicomputers. They have access to the Internet as well as to the Android platform. With this said, you cannot overlook the importance of having an app that helps you connect to the global market. The BlackBerry Playbook gives you access to a large number of applications. If you are into business, then you need to have an app that allows you to make your app popular and get more downloads.

Your app should cater for the business needs of a target audience. It must not only be useful to the users but it must also have a great graphic design and provide users with all the functionality they require. By integrating a great business app, you can increase your chances of getting more downloads and, therefore, more users. A great mobile app is one that helps you grow and transform your business and ultimately reach greater heights of success.

It is important to choose the right company for your mobile app development platform. By doing so, you can be sure that you get an affordable app that will help you give your business a boost. Investing in your app is not something you should do lightly. You need to consider several factors when making a decision. Look for a reliable provider by carrying out a thorough market research and identifying the key app developers.