Everyone knows that digital marketing is currently essential for a company to be successful, in this way the digitization of society is not stopping, it is becoming more and more and for this reason the business also has to adapt to it. Brands must have a presence on the internet, an adequate presence that will increase their sales.

Do you want to know what techniques are applied by experts in digital marketing? Of course you have to keep reading, because here we are going to explain it to you. In addition to giving you some names of digital marketing agencies that are dedicated to finding the most innovative techniques for your projects.

what is the digital marketing?

Digital marketing is all the actions, techniques and advertising or commercial strategies that can be carried out in the media and internet channels . It appeared in the 90s to get traditional marketing to reach digital platforms. It is constantly changing , but always maintaining the same objectives as traditional marketing only in the world of the network.

We are going to name the differences between digital and traditional Marketing:

Digital marketing:

  • Communication is bidirectional , the company interacts directly with the user.
  • The segmentation is very precise , launching the specific message to each audience.
  • The channels are online , for example as social networks, email marketing, web pages, blogs, etc.
  • The information is unlimited , it has many places to publicize your brand and search for information.
  • The measurement of results is precise , there are analysis tools that you can consult continuously.

Traditional Marketing:

  • Communication is one-way , only the company advertises its products without any feedback from the customer.
  • The segmentation is imprecise , it is influenced by the content of the medium.
  • The channels are traditional , for example, cinema, radio, newspaper, etc.
  • The information is limited , only one message can be transmitted, at a time and for a time.
  • The measurement of results is imprecise , the accuracy is variable and is only measured when the actions end.

It is best to use traditional marketing together with digital , despite the fact that the second is perhaps more relevant today. In order to select the techniques, a digital marketing expert must take into account five factors:

  1.  What does the company I want to promote do?
  2.   What is the target audience?
  3.  What is the competition?
  4. What goals do you have?
  5. What are our capabilities?

4Fs of Digital Marketing

This is a pre-technical approach. Do you know the 4Ps of marketing? Product, price, point of sale and promotion? Well, these 4Ps have changed in digital marketing, calling themselves 4Fs. They are based on the pull strategy , which means attracting the customer to the brand, not saturating the user with information that they do not like or are not interested in. The 4Fs are:

1.   Flow . What you want to achieve is that the client feels comfortable in the digital spaces that the company has created. There must be the possibility to interact and obtain information that interests you, so that you are comfortable.

2.   Functionality. The company’s web pages must be attractive to the eye, clear to use and useful. No problems loading a page and waiting time. If there is a bug that bothers the user, the first step does not work anymore.

3.Feedback    . The company has to dialogue with its customers , it is a must. In this way, customers will feel understood, you will know what they think and you will be able to improve your products or services.

4.   Loyalty . As in traditional marketing, what you are looking for is a long-lasting and close relationship with your client . There are user communities that help communication and provide an experience that lasts.

Any expert in digital marketing uses these 4Fs constantly to create their strategies. We recommend that you also apply them or at least take them into account.

How do you create a digital marketing plan?

To make a marketing plan you must know some data. The first thing you should be clear about is your environment, knowing in which market you operate and who your competition is.   You have to be clear about who the company’s target audience is , to create different actions according to it. Think about how customers are obtained online , through techniques such as the Buyer Journy. It would be best if your budget was invested in different channels, to achieve a greater impact. And don’t forget to define the KPIs , so you can know at all times how your strategy is going and change things if necessary.

The 6 digital marketing techniques that an expert would apply

1.    Analyze and improve the brand’s website . You must carry out a web analytics that shows you data about how your customers interact on your website, to know in what aspects it fails. For example, with Google Analytics. Knowing the visits you have, bounce rate, browsing time, etc.

2.    Achieve a good natural positioning in search engines . SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is to get your website to appear in the first results of Google search. This is done at a technical or content level to achieve correct indexing and thus positioning.

3.   Search engine advertising: SEM (Search Engine Marketing), is paid to be in the first results of Google , are the sponsored links at the beginning of each search. For this technique to work, the SEO has to be correct.

4.    Presence and advertising on social networks is very important. For brands it is an opportunity to increase and improve relationships with their customers. To know which social network to use, you must know who your target customer is and how to reach them. Take advantage of influencer marketing to stand out from your competition.

5.    You have to do Email Marketing , which consists of sending emails to your customers to inform them of things about your company, whether it is a new product, inform them of a relevant event or that you have published an interesting article on your blog.

6.    Video is becoming more and more important. Not only posting a video on the brand’s social networks, but doing live shows with platforms like Twitch can be an interesting option. The same happens with augmented reality , different companies like Facebook are already creating virtual worlds. You have to keep it in mind for the future.  

Leading digital marketing agencies with great experts

I will communicate

It is an online marketing agency that works with great professionalism to achieve the client’s objectives. We have a team of great professionals trained in Seo, SEM, Email Marketing, Social Media, content marketing, and much more. The service is digital 360º , in which our experts in digital marketing advise you on the different techniques that exist.

We create strategies to increase the visibility, conversion and reputation of each brand in the digital world. We are constantly analyzing data and optimizing everything in detail. We know how important and fragile a brand’s reputation is, which is why we work with the utmost precision.

Among the services we offer the following are the most important:

● We     develop effective digital marketing campaigns. Analyzing clients, markets, competitors and platforms.  

●     We write SEO content and create plans for the management of social networks.   All with creativity and good organization.

●     We measure and analyze the data we obtain in the campaigns. Using professional tools that allow continuous monitoring.

Marketing Paradise

Marketing Paradise an online marketing agency, they define themselves as the perfect team for your digital challenges. They are specialized in SEO positioning, creative content, Social Media, Google Adwords and eye-catching design.


They are a digital marketing, advertising and communication agency. Since, they stand out for their knowledge, their creativity and for the passion they put into their projects. They carry out SEO, SEM, Social Media, Branding and communication actions.

Buddha Marketing

It is a digital marketing agency that defends that the image is taken care of from the inside and then reflects it to the clients. It has SEO and SEM strategies, graphic design and social networking services. Together with them you will make your brand more recognized and your sales will increase.

Frequently asked questions

1.     Is a digital marketing agency the same as an advertising agency?

NO, they are not the same and we are going to explain why. A digital marketing agency works in a more global way , drawing up a plan with objectives and different actions. Instead, an advertising agency tries to publicize a product or service using different channels. What they want is to achieve a suitable position.

2.   What does a digital marketing expert do?

An expert in digital marketing is responsible for analyzing the needs of the market, knowing what the trends are and what the consumer wants . They create strategies in different ways, with Seo, SEM, Email Marketing, etc. Everything to improve the positioning of the brand on the internet and making the initial investment come back.

3.   How do you get customers to be satisfied with the content posted on a company’s social networks?

Very easy, you have to put the audience at the center of any strategy . You have to be close and concerned about what your customers think, getting involved in your decisions. From a technical standpoint, you need a post scheduling tool like Hootsuite to help you coordinate everything.