Developing traits that represent good employees can help you develop a favorable impression on your employer. Dedication, flexibility, teamwork, independence, leadership, critical thinking, integrity, etc., are the qualities that can help you create and maintain a strong relationship with your co-workers. These traits will also help your employer recognize you as a competent and trustworthy team member.

Explore this article to explore the top seven qualities that can make you a better fit for every organization.

Seven common but touching traits of an employee

Everyone should develop these seven traits or soft skills to become a good employee.

1: Passionate

One of the best and most appreciable qualities that make a competent, dedicated and lovable employee is passion. Passionate employees are always ready to go the extra mile to prove themselves and their company. The passion that is born from within when enjoying the actions that are carried out can never unhook anyone. Passionate employees always have fire in their eyes, lots of energy in their bodies, and a strong will to do something great. Passion arises when you prefer to do something that inspires you.

2: Confident

Confident employees create positive vibes in the workplace – they quickly win the hearts of their employers and make other staff members feel safe too.

A confused and betrayed employee is less likely to be selected during recruitment because interviewers are less likely to believe in their abilities. Meanwhile, an employee should also not be overconfident as it means arrogance.

Your tone of voice, body language, eye contact, and sitting posture speak to your confidence. Avoid moving, looking around, or twisting your fingers, as this shows that you don’t have confidence in yourself or your abilities.

3: team player

As an employee of a company, you must always be prepared to handle group work, whether leading or following. He must develop the skills, resilience and flexibility to work with other staff members, clients and managers, regardless of their grudges or similarities.

Many recruiters want you to look for a part-time job, especially if you are in the health care department and provide high-quality patient care. Therefore, you should always be ready to work with new people with different mindsets and unique approaches to work.

4: Reliable

Reliable and trustworthy employees get more opportunities to survive and grow in a company. An employee who respects the deadline and represents quality work in every situation is trustworthy. Such employees have more chances for promotion.

5: Good communicator

Every company always welcomes a good communicator because it is a basic but crucial skill that every employee must have. We often think that writing and speaking are the main components of communication, but in reality, listening is also a vital factor. An employee with good communication skills waits for others to speak and interact, considers their opinions, and then responds accordingly.

Good communicators respect the company culture and use formal language during phone calls, emails, meetings, and interviews. They are always ready to communicate and respond concisely without any vocal tricks or unnecessary rambling.

6: self-disciplined

Unlike in student life, employers don’t get a syllabus or set rules to follow because very often their duties and deadlines change regularly, so they must have a high level of flexibility and self-discipline.

7: Socially intelligent

Employers work to create interpersonal relationships in the company culture to develop a sense of direction in groups. Therefore, each employee must be willing to interact with the other members to achieve the designed objectives. Social intelligence in the workplace helps manage expectations, reduce conflict and improve communication.

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Last words

All job seekers should know about and embrace the soft skills that can set them apart from others and help them get recruited for an open position. This article has shed light on some of the skills that can help candidates get hired for a job opening, increase their growth opportunities and promotion rates, and make them the best in the eyes of the manager.