Becoming a digital marketing professional is the desire of thousands of professionals and students who want to enter this discipline that has grown so much in recent years. Digital marketing, in its different modalities and areas, is one of the sectors with the greatest employability for those who decide to train in this field.

But, what are the keys to being a digital marketing professional? We are going to show the 7 most important that anyone with an interest in it should take into account before starting:

specialized training

As for any other profession, it is essential to have specialized training. For this you can train with CEI , whose master’s degree in digital marketing is one of the most recognized in the sector and endorsed by experts and companies. Through specialized training you will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become the digital marketing professional you want to be. Training in digital marketing is usually postgraduate, master’s or specialization courses in the different areas that comprise it.

Basic concepts and languages

Digital marketing uses its own concepts that any future professional must recognize and understand. We are talking about concepts such as “keyword”, performing “keyword research” or knowledge of concepts related to metrics such as CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) or CTR (Click Through Rate). Or the sales funnel, essential for the sales area within digital marketing. Without understanding these concepts that are used on a day-to-day basis, it will be difficult for a person to become a good digital marketing professional.

Campaign metrics

The knowledge and use of metrics to measure the results of digital marketing campaigns is essential. They are known as KPIs or performance meters, which help measure the effectiveness of a campaign and how effective it has been or not in terms of marketing. We are talking about metrics such as “exclusive visits” to a website, the “average visit time” to it or the “conversion rate”, among many others that are used in day-to-day digital marketing.

Tools use

The use of digital marketing tools is part of the daily life of any professional. We are talking about the use of web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics or Google Search Control, but also tools for community managers such as Hootsuite or tools for email marketing to send promotional emails. The handling of these tools is usually a basic and essential requirement in job offers in the sector. Certificates confirming that you know how to use these tools are normally issued after going through training periods and tests.

Establish verifiable strategies

Another key to becoming a digital marketing professional is having the ability to establish and design online marketing strategies based on measurable and quantifiable objectives. Although the objectives can be qualitative and quantitative , both types must be measurable to know the results of the campaign, because if they cannot be measured there is no way to find out if the campaign has been successful or not. Each company uses its own quantifiable objectives and the professional must know when they are good and when they are not, or what indicators need to be improved through corrections in the strategy.

SEO and Content Marketing

To put into practice the digital marketing strategies predefined by the professional, it is necessary to carry out different types of marketing actions . We are talking about SEO, ideal for getting a website to appear in the top positions of search results; or content marketing, essential to generate valuable content with which to attract and seduce the target audience. Of course, we cannot forget SEM campaigns or paid advertising, social media campaigns or email marketing campaigns.

Stay up to date with trends

A digital marketing professional has to always be active in the search for new trends and consumer behaviors to adapt the brand’s digital marketing strategies to these new trends. For this, it is essential to have knowledge of market studies and to know the dynamics of the digital marketing industry . It is necessary for the digital marketing professional to be one step ahead of market trends to place their projects at the forefront of the sector.

As you can see, there are some keys that anyone who wants to become a digital marketing professional should take into account to achieve this goal. It is a task that requires effort, but it is worth it if the goal is to dedicate yourself to digital marketing and become an all-terrain professional in the sector.