If you have ever searched for a brand on Google, you will have noticed that within the results you will find the Facebook page of that brand.

The SEO of a Facebook fan page is not something new. Google has been indexing this social network for quite some time. And, as the presence of your business on Facebook influences search results, it is essential that you optimize your fan page by applying these 7 key tips to optimize your page now.

1.- Make sure that the name of the brand and the URL

It seems obvious, but it is necessary to clarify it, especially for those who are just beginning to make their business visible on the Internet.

It works just like a website. The domain name must be the same name as the company name. In this case, the fanpage URL must have the same name as the brand.

Which is the reason? Mainly, because you are increasing the chances that your brand or business will be discovered in search engines. After all, why are you going to advertise on social networks if you are going to make it difficult to locate yourself afterwards? Those who want to reach you need to have a path clear of all obstacles.


2.- Provide the greatest amount of information about the company

The “Information” section plays a key role in search queries. It has been proven that in most cases, Google engines pull data from this page to display results. More exactly, 60 to 80% of cases respond to this case, according to figures published by Forbes .

In addition, providing commercial information on your fan page positions you as a more authoritative, more reliable and more professional page.

On the other hand, let’s think for a moment about the users, about our fans. They want to know details about our brand or company: what is its address, what are its opening hours, what products or services does it offer, contact channels?


These are some issues to take into account when completing the information on our Facebook profile

  • Your username must match the name of the brand or business
  • Select the category that most closely matches your industry or niche. For example, if it is a physical women’s clothing store, you can select “local place or business” and then choose the category that most identifies with your category: in this case, it could be “clothing”, or “Design and fashion”.
  • Inform yes or yes about the opening hours, the available telephone lines, the location.
  • Think carefully about what you are going to write in the “Description” and in the “Company Profile”. You have to try to summarize your mission as a brand in one sentence. These two sections are the opportunity to add links to your other social channels.
  • If you offer a variety of products, it’s a good idea to list them under the “Products” section.
  • In the “Long description”, you can provide information about the specific characteristics of your product or service, the history of your company, etc.
  • In addition to the links to other social networks, don’t forget to add the link to your website (updated) and specific pages of the website (to products, to the online store, among other possibilities).


3.- Select a good cover and a suitable profile picture

The cover photo is very important when it comes to giving a Facebook page professionalism. Before choosing an image, make sure it has the right pixels to look good on computers and mobile phones (828×315 for PCs and 640×360 for smartphones).

It has to be an attractive image, aligned with the style of the brand, with good resolution and a clear intention. For example: if you want to focus the attention of your fans on a certain campaign or event, you can place a cover photo related to that action.


In the case of profile photos, the same thing happens: the size must be 160 × 160 for desktop computers and 128 × 128 for mobile. The image should not be anything other than the brand logo. Except that there is a very well thought out strategy behind it and accompanied by the rest of the visual elements. Otherwise, it is the logo that helps users to quickly identify themselves with the company or business.

4.- Add a call to action button (relevant)

The Facebook fan page allows you to add a call to action or Call To Action (CTA) button. Some of the options are: register, call, reserve, buy, use the app, etc. Choose the CTA that best suits your purposes. For that, you have to think about what action you want the user to do.

In fact, that button can be tied to the cover photo. For example, if it is a sales campaign in the online store during a certain month, it can be effective to place a “Buy” CTA that leads your customers to the store.

In the example below, the cover photo offers a free blogging course. The chosen button is “register” and the image shows an arrow with instructions to click on the button to receive the course by email. Undoubtedly, the objective is to build a database and then sell some information product.


5.- Post quality content frequently

Everyone already knows that the content cannot be improvised. Quality is a determining factor to achieve optimal results in any digital marketing campaign, especially when it comes to social networks.

A study by SearchMetrics indicated that seven of the ten most important factors in SEO ranking are social networks. But not the networks for the simple fact of being present. The networks in terms of the amount of interaction they promote between the brand and people: the engagement or commitment of customers with the brand. That is, the number of likes, “shares”, among other actions.

Posting and sharing quality content makes your Facebook page more visible. It is important that you know how to schedule a publication on Facebook so as not to neglect the publication frequency. Likewise, in order to have a better reach, it is essential that you are clear about the best times to post on Facebook in 2017 .

6.- Take into account the possibility of using Facebook applications

Apps can also improve your brand’s position in search results. The reason is very simple: they generate more interaction/engagement from the audience.

When indexing, Google includes links to Facebook applications. There are different types of applications: social (to share photos, videos, links, make comments or votes, etc.), contests, games, gifts. Some applications are already created by default. If you need something specific, there are companies that are dedicated to creating apps for Facebook.

7.- Set relevant posts at the top of the page.


Placing a post at the top of your Facebook page gives you the ability to highlight that post and increase visibility.

How do you pin a post? Too easy. You click on the arrow in the upper right corner of the post and select “pin to the top of the page” and that’s it.

What publications can be more effective when pinning them? Those that are sensitive to time: promotions, sales, events, contests. Also those content posts that have cost you to create: an ebook or an article with good performance, among other possibilities.

So far it has been everything. Without a doubt, it is necessary to review all these tips step by step to make sure you are doing things right. Has this article helped you to think about your SEO positioning strategies for the Facebook page of your brand or business? Your comment is highly valued!