Living in the 21st century means utilizing available technological advancements to your advantage. Without them, you can’t possibly live a convenient and comfortable life. If you’re a student, you then have first-hand experience on how online learning platforms help you in acing the semester. Besides that, it also makes attending classes and submitting requirements possible. But there are instances that it can cause you a lot of trouble. For instance, you are about to submit a file in portable document format but you found out that it is inaccessible. It means that you can’t open and view any of its content. As a result, you might decide not to pass the requirement anymore or you have to do it all over again. When facing this kind of problem, you have to access PDFBear’s repair PDF tool. Keep reading to know more about the process of fixing a damaged or corrupted document.

Defining PDFBear’s Repair PDF Tool

PDF becomes one of the most vital file formats nowadays because of its capability to maintain the layout of photos, charts, and texts whenever you share the document. The font style and font size you originally chose are the ones that will appear on the receiver’s screen. It is also the safest format to use because of its lock feature. But just like Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, it becomes damaged or corrupted due to several reasons. This is where the repair PDF tool of PDFBear comes in. You have to use it when you encounter errors or accessibility issues with your document instead of installing applications and software. The advantage of the former is that it works using a Cloud system so it will not take up your device’s memory.

The website’s repair PDF tool is universally available for all kinds of devices, operating systems, and browsers. It will not require you to secure yourself with a laptop just to fix your files. All of your uploaded documents are safe from hackers, malware, and viruses because it uses 256-bit encryption technology. Besides that, it will only give you a limited time to download the recovered file to ensure that no one else can access it through the server. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface that will allow ease of navigation. The only downside of this online tool is that it can only repair PDF files and it does not guarantee that it can fix all damaged electronic files. Hence, you have to find another online tool when your Excel Spreadsheets or Word documents become inaccessible. Below is the step-by-step process on how you can utilize it for free.

Step 1. Get your device

Secure yourself with a working gadget, such as a smartphone or laptop, and connect it to reliable internet. After this, use your most trusted browser to search for PDFBear’s webpage. Once you reach it, you will instantly notice that it placed all its tools in one corner making it look organized.

Step 2. Click the Optimize PDF

From the 6 listed categories, you have to click the optimize PDF since it contains the repair PDF feature. It will then redirect you to the associated tool. The good thing about the website is that it has detailed instructions about the repair process just below the tool.

Step 3. Upload the corrupted file

Place the file on the server by clicking the select files button. It will allow you to scroll through your local storage to find the corrupted file. You may also decide to use the drag and drop option if you are accessing the website using your laptop.

Step 4. The repair tool will start analyzing the uploaded file

Once you make the file available on the website, the repair tool will instantly start analyzing it. If it detects that your uploaded document is in PDF, the process will proceed. Click the repair button to complete the task. There are cases that it can no longer recover a corrupted file but rest assured that the tool will not make its condition worse.

Step 5. Download the new version of the PDF

Make sure to download the new file on your device as soon as it becomes available. It uses a 60-minute rule wherein it automatically deletes uploaded files after an hour. Once the timeframe ends, you can no longer access the document even if you are the owner. You have to undergo the same process again.

In a Nutshell

Having a corrupted file can be depressing, especially if it contains confidential and sensitive information. It can be a cause of your breakdown or even self-hate despite you not having any control of the situation. Fortunately, there is PDFBear with a repair PDF to help you. There is no valid reason not to use it since it is free of charge, accessible to any platforms, and has a quick conversion process.