Where is your professional career headed?

Have you thought about being in charge of a Marketing department? Are you curious and interested in learning about the impact of social networks? Are you looking to always be one step ahead of new communication technologies? Well, let me tell you that the Master in Digital Marketing and Tourist e-Commerce can guide you towards these issues.  

Digital Marketing and Tourism.

In digital matters, professionals find themselves in an increasingly competitive environment. Both the objectives and the life cycle of the products have increasingly shorter deadlines. Brands and companies are constantly searching for new opportunities that allow them to better position themselves, together with a greater market share. At the same time, e-Commerce is presented as the key tool in the tourism sector. How many tickets have you booked from an airline website? And how many hotel/hostel reservations on specialized accommodation websites? The answer to these questions will clearly provide the importance of electronic commerce in the market. For this reason, we will mention…

At the forefront of communication.

  1. Appropriate training, such as that given in the Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing and Tourist e-Commerce, will provide the professional with the latest specific knowledge of the online world. In addition, it will train you to manage and administer within the tourism company.

Practice and entrepreneurial initiative.

  1. By having a practical and innovative program in content and real cases, the student will be able to analyze, debate, and make decisions about the real situations that all companies in the tourism sector go through. This will also train the professional who wants to start their own company – start up.

Job exit.

  1. Without a doubt, a Master in Digital Marketing will guide your profile towards the online sector. The specialization in Tourism will surely help the job opportunity to be beneficial within this field, but at the same time it will allow having more than necessary knowledge to enter any company in the digital world.

Constantly updated.

  1. Curious? Restless? If you add these two qualities to your interests related to Tourism, Digital Marketing will fit like a glove. Few disciplines provide knowledge with constant updating (almost at the speed of light, I would tell you…). New technologies are being renewed at a rate that has not yet found its ceiling. And training in the field forces professionals not to be left behind. This will allow you to always be one step ahead in a discipline that continues to grow.

Specialization in the tourism sector.

  1. The degree is awarded by the University of Girona, and is fully recognized in the sector. In addition, it places the student at a qualified level of training higher than the degree. Thus, a Master of these characteristics gives the possibility to specialize the student in a short period of time. In addition, it expands the curriculum and guides it towards the company, with practice and mastery of the professional tools used in the tourism sector. Digital Marketing is one of the tools that sets the guidelines for the future. A professional trained in planning, executing and analyzing the performance of a strategy based on the online world will undoubtedly have an advantage over his peers.