Advertising campaigns continue to grow in importance within online marketing strategies. Marketing companies are constantly reinventing the formulas used to attract customer attention when promoting a product.

Nowadays, there are numerous ways to carry out any type of advertising campaign on the network, but Google stands out with its banners for AdWords and its text ads. The search company offers different possibilities to its users.

Choosing the right option among all the advertising campaigns is essential, and will depend on the needs of the company.

Google AdWords offer to advertise on the search network with sponsored results. When this type of campaign is carried out, it basically consists of paying so that when the user searches for those words related to the business, the sponsored campaign is the first to appear.

On the other hand, it also offers the Display network that allows you to advertise on all those sites affiliated with AdSense. Google pays these websites to allow them to serve ads based on the theme of the page or the behavior of users. They are different news portals, blogs, YouTube…

One of the main differences between Display and the previous method is the variety of formats that exist. You can use banners with graphic material, and even video. And it is precisely those banners for AdWords that we are going to talk about today.

Anatomy of AdWords banners

Banners for AdWords are subject to a number of requirements that must be met. Google takes a close look at each and every one of your demands and reserves the right to reject any banner.

Some of these requirements are:

  • Ad animations: Animations longer than 30 seconds are not allowed.
  • Image Quality: Images cannot be blurred, sideways or upside down. It also does not accept stroboscopic or flickering images. In addition, the text they include must be legible, and not occupy more than 20% of the image.
  • Relevance: All the information in the ad must be related to what it advertises in order for Google to approve it.
  • Misleading content: The data used must be true and the information must be provided accurately. If the images try to mislead the user, for example with warning symbols or false error messages, the campaigns will be cancelled.

The search engine also takes the use of content reserved for adults very seriously. In certain circumstances, Google will not hesitate to censor the ad if it suspects that it may be viewed by minors.

Despite all these restrictions, which are designed to make browsing through the search engine and its associated pages as comfortable as possible, AdWords allows you to create very complete banners.

The elements that can be included within the ads are:

  • Image: Must meet the above requirements and have a ratio of 1.91:1 horizontally, with a size greater than 600×314 pixels. Also, it should not weigh more than 1MB.
  • Logo: With a ratio of 1:1 and a size of 128×128 or greater. The best option is to use it in PNG with a transparent background so that the background does not cover the rest of the content.
  • Short title: 25 characters maximum. It will appear in reduced size ads.
  • Long title: It will appear in the largest AdWords banners and has a maximum length of 90 characters.
  • Description: With another 90 characters, it usually accompanies the long title and sometimes the short one, but it depends on the space to publish the ad.
  • Final URL: The domain that users should reach when clicking on the banner.

Types of banners that you can design on your platform

Google puts at your disposal the possibility of designing your AdWords banners on its platform. The Google platform offers a wide variety of designs to attract the attention of your customers. The options it offers are:

  • Graphic design: The image in an ad is essential and Google knows it. For this reason, it has reinforced its graphic design program allowing each image to be edited as much as possible. This option is the freest option within the AdWords banner editor.
  • Modular design: Inspired by construction. It allows promoting multiple functionalities in the banner through a grid design.
  • Minimalist design: It is based on reducing the design exclusively to the essential, discarding everything that may be left over.
  • View design: Its main objective is that the banner enters the user’s eyes.
  • Translucent design: Play with light and its illumination.
  • Elegant design: It tries to enter the user through the eyes, personifying the image of the banner.
  • Material design: Aimed at mobile devices. It is a clean design, full of animations and transitions.

Custom design vs. adwords platform

The objectives of the company’s advertising campaign and, of course, the strategies chosen to meet those goals will dictate the type of design that will be used in AdWords banners.

In addition, the available equipment will also influence. In other words, if there are designers within the company or the service of a graphic design agency such as MadridNYC is hired, the creative options are greater. And it is that AdWords allows you to create banners on its platform or directly upload files created by designers.

The platform for creating ads is very useful, especially if you don’t have the time or resources to design your campaigns from scratch. It is a simple and quick guide with which to create the banners.

On the other hand, Google is aware of the limitations of the platform, so it gives the possibility of uploading banners already created and ready for publication. To opt for this option, you must continue to meet their requirements, and upload images of the accepted sizes. The most popular are: 300×250, 336×280, 728×90, 300×600 or 320×100 pixels.

Benefits of custom design

Opting for the custom design offers some advantages over the Google AdWords platform. To begin with, the designer has total freedom. When creating banners for AdWords within the platform, the limitations are greater. On the other hand, in custom design, the responsible professional starts completely from scratch.

It should not be forgotten that the image and corporate identity of the company are essential in marketing campaigns. For this reason, numerous experts recommend opting for a custom design to ensure that everything that the company represents is reflected in the banner.

In addition, this method will allow us to get as close as possible to the objectives set, without preventing the limitations of a platform from making us stay on horseback from the purposes initially set.


All in all, never take any type of marketing campaign lightly, be it on AdWords or any other platform. It is necessary to dedicate time, because success or failure will depend on it.

Having a professional designer when designing banners for AdWords, or to carry out campaigns of all kinds, guarantees that you will know both the brand and the competition and will know how to capture ideas graphically.