Benefits of email marketing for Ecommerce

Do you have a hosting for Ecommerce and want to improve your online sales? In this article we will talk about a strategy that must be applied by all online businesses: email marketing . Find out what its benefits are and why you should start applying it right now.

What is email marketing?

In order for us to fully understand the benefits of email marketing, it is necessary to know what this strategy consists of.

Email marketing can be defined as sending emails to contacts or databases, for example: potential customers or prospects. As we mentioned at the beginning, this is a digital communication strategy that is part of direct marketing actions.

Why apply email marketing in Ecommerce?

If you already have a hosting for Ecommerce you should know that you will need different strategies to publicize your online store, so they will require an investment for you to see all the benefits.

Among these digital marketing strategies you can find: content generation to position yourself in search engines (SEO), pay for a campaign to position yourself in search engines (SEM) and email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is a great tool for Ecommerce because its cost is very low, so any SME could apply it to their digital marketing plan. In addition, it represents an important means of communication by which you can build a significant and rapid relationship with your potential customers.

What are the benefits of email marketing for Ecommerce?

It is a profitable medium

If we talk about the benefits of email marketing for Ecommerce, we must start by pointing out that this is one of the most profitable means of digital marketing. Its cost is quite low when compared to other strategies such as paid ads, digital banners, among others.

Also, if you are just starting out with your Ecommerce and your database is not large, you could send the emails for free. You just have to make sure not to exceed the monthly number of fixed shipments that you must have on the platform.

Convert subscribers into customers

Through email marketing campaigns for Ecommerce you will be able to direct your subscribers to your online store so that they can complete the purchase of your product. This would be in case of having a promotional strategy underway.

It is accessible

Among the benefits of email marketing, we must highlight the ease of access to it. This point not only applies to brands or companies that want to communicate with their customers through email campaigns, but also to audiences.

Today, email is a minimum requirement to access many Internet applications, tools, or features. So surely your target audience is in contact with this channel and uses it daily.

Good direct communication

Another benefit of email marketing for Ecommerce is that this tool has great value: consent and approval. Yes, unlike other types of campaigns, when mailing is used, it is known that the user to whom you will send your information has previously agreed to receive news from you.

This pre-approval will give you an edge over your competitors. All because that public has a special interest in your e-commerce, so you can have direct communication that increases any possibility of purchase.

Formats are flexible

Among the advantages of email marketing for Ecommerce, it is also necessary to mention the number of formats that you can have for the communication that you have with your clients.

By activating an email marketing campaign you will be able to modify the content and design, in order to transmit the perfect message to your target audience. For example, you can send discount campaigns, offers, news about your online store, notify about abandoned carts, carry out satisfaction surveys, among others. Everything will depend on your imagination and strategy.

It is completely measurable

An important benefit of email marketing for Ecommerce is that every action you take is measurable. It is through these platforms that you will get the data that interests you to increase your sales, optimize your processes, etc.

For example, by using email marketing you can have the percentage of openings and clicks that your emails recorded. It is this data that will tell you what is working and what you need to improve.

automatic emails

If you have a hosting server for Ecommerce and you are interested in making your company grow, you will surely want to optimize all possible processes. Email marketing allows you to do this because you can schedule your campaigns to be sent at the time you need.

For example, you can schedule normal mailings, such as a promotion or announcement of a new product. Within the platform you can adjust each requirement according to the time and day you want the information to reach your customers.

It is also possible to automate the emails so that a notification is sent every time you share a new post on your blog.

A/B testing available

Do you still not apply email marketing in your Ecommerce for fear of having an error? On these mailing platforms you can do A/B tests to study all the options you have and thus define which ones work much better.

This is a great advantage because you can check and correct possible errors that arise when programming a campaign.

Faster response from users

Anyone who has a hosting server for Ecommerce should apply email marketing due to the response that users have. To be more specific, at least 80% of the emails that are sent through campaigns are opened in the first 48 hours. This increases the reach and probability of purchase.

interactive emails

Finally, if you are still not convinced about implementing email marketing in your Ecommerce, you should know that through this tool you will have an interactive format. Through a campaign you can send your customers forms, videos or gifs that capture their attention and move away from being boring emails without sales.


The email marketing strategy is very valuable for Ecommerce. As you saw in this article, there are many benefits that will make you stand out from all the competition. Remember that to sell more in your online store you must not only have a secure hosting server, it will also be necessary to create a direct communication link with your potential customers.