Link Building SEO

Digital marketing is key for brands. Through it, social media marketing, video marketing, and mobile marketing have gained popularity over the decade. However, there is a successful marketing method that has been around for a long time and perhaps produces better results: search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO, like the digital marketing industry as a whole, is constantly changing and growing. This is due to the complexity of search and the fact that the corporations that operate the search engines do not like to divulge how their algorithm evolves.

Keeping the secrecy in mind, specialists have had to build various SEO strategies through trial and error and reverse engineering strategies.

During the 1990s, when SEO was in its infancy, the central emphasis was on keywords . Therefore, web page owners could increase their rankings and generate organic visitors by putting as many keywords as possible on their pages.

Unfortunately, it was unattractive and did not give high-quality results. With that said, below, we delve into why link building is essential to your marketing strategy.

What is Link Building?

Simply put, link building is the act of requesting that other publishers or web pages include your brand’s link on your page.

You can do the same by communicating and providing the website with material that will benefit its users/readers.

Furthermore, a unique, informative and value-laden piece of material is worth its weight in gold to a publisher.

However, the more backlinks your page receives from relevant pages, the better your chances of:

  • Increase website traffic.
  • Rise in search rankings.
  • Increase credibility.
  • Increase visibility.
  • Increase sales and income.

These benefits may also be among the most significant benefits of high-quality link building.

But on the other hand, Google’s ranking algorithm is based on links. Furthermore, they appear to be the third most important ranking element in search engines, behind mobile optimization and high-quality content.

The manual link building process for many small and large businesses can seem like a daunting and time-consuming task. Many businesses turn to high-quality guest posting services that specialize in link building, in order to receive the necessary amount of external SEO to achieve the aforementioned benefits.

Importance of link building in 2022

Backlinks are still of great importance in 2022 and cannot be overlooked if you want to maintain an effective SEO plan in the long run.

The more relevant and high backlinks a web page has, the more traffic from Google it will receive.

Also, during the last few years, new linking approaches have been developed, which have improved the relevance of backlinks. The goal is to learn to adhere to the latest ranking algorithm modifications and link building tweaks. As a result, organizations that apply the same strategies they practiced 20 years ago may not see similar results.

For example, a modification to Google’s BERT algorithm introduced in 2019 made it easier to identify fraudulent connections from others that were much more holistic and natural.

Key Factors for Link Building in 2022

According to studies, 94% of world content receives zero external links. However, 2.2% of content published online needs multiple backlinks to rank for SEO.

41% of large organizations say link building is one of the most challenging SEO practices for them . However, approximately 13% of SEO experts believe that link building is more favorable for providing value if you want to increase organic traffic to your website.

Facts and figures aside, let’s break down the three crucial things for link building in the current year:

How recent is the link?

Several SEO experts believe that current connections are essential for Google, especially when thousands of materials are published daily.

Periodic link building can result in a gradual improvement in a company’s search results. While long-term connections are crucial, new links quickly increase search rankings and metrics.

Publishing Page Authority

Generating backlinks on PBN websites and directories to create backlinks will not help your purpose. This is why digital marketing gurus trust authority when building backlinks.

Therefore, you should look for a publication on pages that allow “ do follow ” links, with a high DA (Domain Authority) and DR (Domain Rating), above the DA and DR of your own page, by at least 10 points.

Additionally, traffic estimates should also be in the thousands. The more traffic, DR and DA, the higher the link, which will be credited and flow to your page.

The relevance of the link being built

A link building plan should assess the keyword being linked to as well as the relevance of the publication’s web page.

In other words, your publishing web page, your brand and keyword must be in the exact area or industry.

This implies that the target audience of your page and the publisher must be the same. According to Google, links generated on relevant web pages perform better than those created on available platforms.