Airtel is among the best telecom providers in the country. With a robust network and several benefits, Airtel has been one of the favorites of the customers and enjoys a large market share. One of the strengths that has boosted Airtel’s reputation is its customer-centric approach and a high level of service that has often been found lacking among the telecom providers. If you too want to experience the amazing rewards and benefits of having an Airtel connection then you can simply go ahead with getting a new Airtel connection. The problem however is that your mobile number may be shared with a lot of personal and business contacts who we may fear losing. One of the easiest ways to make the transition to Airtel is by porting your mobile number. The ported number is simply changed from your current operator to Airtel with minimal downtime. Here is a small checklist of advantages that you can have when you port number to Airtel.

  • Best and latest packs – When you port to Airtel, you can enjoy some of the best prepaid plans that are available. With unlimited calls and daily SMS, you can use the number worry-free starting at just INR 399. The introductory plans while porting to Airtel are INR 499 and 999 however you can change the plan once you have ported.
  • Airtel Thanks Rewards – The Awesome Airtel Thanks Rewards that you earn while using the Airtel services are sure to make you want to switch over. As soon as you port to Airtel, you will be able to get a ton of OTT apps including one-year Amazon Prime membership as rewards coming with your introductory plans.
  • Data rollover – None of your data gets wasted with the Airtel postpaid as the unused data is rolled over to the next month. This way you can have a lot of data ready whenever you need and making maximum use of your large data cap.
  • Family Connection – With some of the Family packs of the Airtel postpaid, you can get add on SIM card connection for your family members. Alternately you can get your family members to post to Airtel postpaid and add them as a family member in your plan resulting in almost 25% savings on the monthly bill.
  • Free SIM delivery – Your SIM card will be delivered to your home and your KYC documents will be collected right from your home, without you ever having to step out. Your SIM card will be activated within 48 hours of successfully submitting your KYC documents.

These benefits make it well worth the time and effort that you need to invest to move to Airtel. One of the best parts of porting to Airtel is that you will be able to enjoy the robust network of Airtel with great coverage in most locations. If you wish to port your mobile number to Airtel, you can get your unique Porting Code or UPC by sending an SMS “PORT<Space>Your 10 digit mobile number” to 1900. You can also visit the Airtel website and go to the “Porting to Airtel” option under the Postpaid to get started.