If we work with Cloud Servers , it is important to take into account what management software we use to  simplify the processes of our cloud and monitor the machines carefully. We review the main applications to optimize the use of cloud infrastructure, whether it is a hybrid , public or private cloud .

Why use management tools

Before, cloud applications were very basic and could be run on a few servers. With the arrival of Big Data and technological evolution, we see teams of developers with huge amounts of data.  This has increased the workload so more machines are deployed and to manage this cloud it is important to simplify all the tracking . 

There is no problem when there is a small team working with a cloud, the complication comes when the teams grow . So, there is no doubt that a cloud management software is required when we have several clouds to control: expenses, maintenance, launches, etc. 

best tools

In order to better manage your cloud services, we present a small selection of management tools with which you can control the cloud without problems. 


With the rise of Kubernetes , we find it to be a very interesting tool to control access, costs, and deployment for hybrid cloud and Kubernetes clusters . With CloudBolt we will monitor all consumption: managers control the actions of the machines and their costs through a series of reports and dashboards. It is quite useful for the IT staff of the company that has contracted the cloud.

Flexera One

Within Flexera, we find Flexera One as a tool that controls our cloud. It is a suite that offers us the possibility to manage the costs of our cloud, follow the inventory of the cloud and manage its assets. We consider it useful because it identifies when there is a high cost and how it can be reduced in order to save. It stands out for its interface in the reports and graphs that evaluate the expenses that we are facing, as well as the resources that are not being used. 


This tool is used for the public cloud and the private cloud, being very useful when it comes to controlling the deployment or access to the cloud; in fact, it’s ideal for orchestrating individual Kubernetes instances or clusters running from your hypervisor . It offers some automation on certain tasks to speed up and simplify cloud management. 


Similar to Flexera One, ServiceNow is a suite of tools that manage data services, IT assets and operations. The use of the tools is focused on automating trackers that operate on various machines within the cloud. It comes to be an automated monitoring of tasks.  As a notable novelty compared to the others, it has a tool that offers useful performance predictions for the company’s IT staff. The reason is that, in this way, bottlenecks or problematic points in relation to the workload can be identified. 

Embotics Snow Commander

Finally, Snow Commander is worth mentioning as a tool aimed at controlling the cloud in order to save money, how? It ensures that resources are deployed on the most suitable hardware .  It allows developers to create instances to estimate what a machine is going to cost over time. In this way, it allows the company to make efficient use of the cloud: hiring just what it needs according to the estimates made by Embotics.