Living in the 21st century means having access to all forms of technological innovations. Without them, you can’t possibly live a convenient and easy life. If you are a student, you are probably using PDF copies of your books. You no longer print them as it will only entail additional cost. The same is true with the research papers and other essays that you make. But what if there will be a system upgrade that no can no longer support such a format? When this happens, there is a huge possibility that the file will be inaccessible forever. To not suffer from this traumatic experience, you must convert your PDF files to PDF/A.

GogoPDF, an online tool, offers a streamlined process of converting PDF to PDF/A. It is not like other converters that offer their services in a complicated manner. Keep reading to know the pertinent information about GogoPDF!

The key differences between PDF and PDF/A

PDF or portable document format is the most popular format nowadays because it can preserve the layout of your files. It also allows you to insert your signature into the document in less than a minute. Besides that, people can’t easily steal the information you placed on the file because you have the option to set a password before it becomes accessible.

On the other hand, PDF/A or portable document format archiving is simply the ISO-standardized version of the regular PDF format. For some people, it appears to be entirely the same with PDF but they are different in terms of functionality. It is only the type of document that can guarantee that you can reproduce your files multiple times with the same version and content for the years to come. So if you plan to access your documents containing important information in the next 10 to 20 years, you must convert PDF to PDFA using GogoPDF.

PDF to PDF/A conversions in just a few minutes!

Converting PDF to PDF/A is pretty easy when you use GogoPDF. It aims to make its conversion process the fastest and most convenient in the industry. It does this by producing accurately formatted PDF/A in just a few minutes. You don’t have to install any application nor download software just to access the website. To start converting documents, make sure that you have a device with a stable internet connection and a reliable browser. Open your Chrome. Google, or any other browser you are most comfortable in using, and search for GogoPDF’s website. Once you reach the homepage, choose the PDF to PDF/A feature. It will then redirect you to a new page containing the converter tool. See the steps below to know how you can make it work.

  1. You may use the drag and drop option to upload the file on the website. Alternatively, you can just click the select files button located at the center of the screen. It will let you get the PDF file you want to convert to PDF/A from your local storage.
  2. When the document reaches the server of the website, the converter tool will scan it and will provide a preview of the content.
  3. If you uploaded the right file, you should click on the convert icon to start the conversion process.
  4. You will know that the process ends when the converted PDF/A file appears on your screen. Click the download button to have a copy of the file on your computer or smartphone.

You can now successfully convert documents by following the four easy steps above. Don’t worry if you don’t have any money to spend on an online tool. The website offers all of its services without asking you to sign up for any membership. It is a free converter tool that can help you manipulate PDF files. However, if you wish to maximize its potentials, you can avail of its pro account at an affordable monthly fee.

What other converter tools can you use with GogoPDF?

  1. PDF to Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

If your PDF contains your financial statements, there is no room for errors. But if you found one, you can easily transform it back to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets through the website. After converting, you can make the necessary adjustments and corrections. Since it uses 256-SSL encryption technology, rest assured that your files are safe from malware, viruses, and hackers.

  1. PDF to Microsoft Word document

Since PDF documents are no longer editable, you have to change their format if you want to add or delete information. You can do it using GogoPDF. Solid-framework supports this converter tool so you can expect that its quality is superior compared to other platforms.

  1. PDF to Portable Network Graphics

If you want to convert PDF files to an image format with a transparent background. then use the website’s PDF to PNG converter. You can access it through various devices, such as desktops, smartphones, or tablets. Once the tool produces the converted file, make sure to download it as soon as possible. The server will automatically remove it after 60 minutes as one of its safety measures.

In a Nutshell

GogoPDF is a great tool to use because it offers a lot of converters, including PDF to PDF/A. You can rarely see a website with high functionality and a user-friendly interface offering its services for free. Visit it now to discover more of its tools!