Fans of sports keep up to date with the latest news from world-renowned events. For this, there are many alternatives and platforms that allow you to enjoy your sports content live . But there is nothing as complete as watching Dazn for free.

It is a streaming service that belongs to Perform Group and that offers live sports content . It covers major events from a wide variety of sports, with almost unlimited access from desktop or mobile.

Although it is a relatively recent payment platform, it has been active in Spain since 2019 and it is possible to take advantage of the free service. Today we present you the updated methods to watch Dazn online for free legally and safely.

How to watch Dazn for free: all possible methods

It is one of the most recognized streaming platforms in the world of sports. Therefore, it is no surprise that you want to know how to watch Dazn for free online.

Here we are going to present you some options to enjoy Dazn legally and safely spending the minimum.

We have not taken into account pirate methods or those that include third-party apps, since they can be detrimental to the security and integrity of your device.

Free month on Dazn: everything you need to know

As in most subscription services, the platform had a promotion to watch Dazn for free for a month and without permanence.

This offer was designed to test all the functions and decide whether or not to contract the service definitively. However, it is no longer available.

Now, Dazn makes the entire catalog available to users in Spain for €12.99, compared to €9.99 at the beginning of the year. As an alternative to the free month start, Dazn offers an annual subscription with a one-time payment of €129.99. If you pay for 10 months, you get 2 months free .

Other streaming services, such as Netflix or HBO Max, have also chosen to eliminate the trial month. Even so, if you have the Dazn monthly subscription. You can pause it at any time and resume your plan when the competitions that really interest you start.

It should be noted that the price of the subscription will rise again when the La Liga season begins in August. 5 matches will be broadcast per day, except for the two complete ones on Movistar Plus +. However, this upload would be optional, only for those interested in watching the competition.

Free online Dazn for Movistar+ customers

Dazn content became part of Movistar Plus. In this way, we can take advantage of the offer to watch sporting events without having to subscribe to the platform. In other words, if you are a Movistar+ client, you have the right to Dazn channels for free online.

The agreement between the two companies gave customers of the different television packages access to channels such as DAZN 1, DAZN 2, DAZN 3 and DAZN 4. In addition, with the inclusion of Formula 1 in the catalogue, Movistar+ now offers it to its customers under the DAZN F1 channel.

It is also possible to request a free Dazn account on its own platform, instead of depending on the channels included in Movistar+. This will allow you to enjoy exclusive content, interviews, documentaries and original material from Dazn. And have more freedom to choose what you want to see.

To have the Dazn channel on Movistar it is necessary to have contracted the Fusion Total Plus plans or some equivalent (Fusion Premium, Premium Extra or Premium Total).

Movistar customers who have the DAZN channels in their subscription can use both their app and their website. To activate the Dazn app for free and enjoy exclusive material from the platform, you must request access in the following way:

  • Enter the Movistar website and then in the I am a Client area . Select “ Continue ”.
  • Enter your Movistar credentials .
  • The confirmation page explains that you already have the necessary channels included and that you will be able to watch Dazn online for free when you activate your account.
  • Click on “ Activate Dazn account ” and follow the steps indicated.
  • You can also activate it from the Movistar+ decoder , through an advertisement in the main menu. By clicking on it, you capture the QR code on the screen and enter the application.
  • If you have satellite television , you must first access the Movistar+ client area, activate the multi-device option and follow the steps to activate your free Dazn account.

If you are a Movistar customer but you do not have any package with access to the Dazn service, you will have to subscribe separately. The downside is that in this case, you will not be able to enjoy Dazn channels for free online.

3 free months of Dazn with MásMóvil

MásMóvil is also launching an interesting promotion to enjoy sporting events online . For the Copa del Rey, MotoGP and Formula 1 competitions (for which Dazn has exclusive rights), the company is giving away 3 free months of Dazn online.

This offer allows both active and new customers to watch Dazn online for free. And it is achieved when you contract the Dazn service from MásMóvil.

To activate it, access the “ For you ” section in the client area within the MásMóvil website. There you will see your code to activate Dazn online and thus access the content for 3 months.

Once the promotion ends, you can continue enjoying the monthly or annual subscription plan with its corresponding price. Or you can cancel them so that you are not charged for using the service.

It is worth noting that this promotion ended on June 1, 2022 . However, MásMóvil has a wide repertoire of television offers that may interest you.

Dazn free 3 months in Yoigo

The operator Yoigo (part of the MásMóvil group) also has offers to watch Dazn for free for 3 months. This temporary promotion applies to all Yoigo contract customers who request it.

Although it has ended, you can pay attention to future seasonal specials. They usually offer 3 months free before they start charging the subscription fee. And the good thing is that there is no permanence commitment and you can unsubscribe whenever you want.

Shared accounts to watch Dazn online

Another way to enjoy Dazn for free without paying is by taking advantage of shared accounts, just like when we explained how to share a Netflix account.

This platform allows one account to connect on up to 5 devices and on two screens at the same time . The problem is that there is only one profile , so the difficulty will come with your content preferences within the platform.

However, Dazn has started limiting how you can share your screen . This started shortly after acquiring the broadcast rights to La Liga, one of the most sought after broadcasts.

Dazn assumes that people living in the same household share accounts if they are under the same fixed IP network . That is, two people can use the account simultaneously if they are under the same network. Otherwise, only playback on a single device is supported.

One of the main reasons that led to this decision was that users misuse this feature. The CEO of Dazn in Spain, Veronica Diquattro, confirmed this measure . She indicated that, although the access data is non-transferable, some people sell it .

In addition to this change, Dazn ensures that they are developing new subscription plans that allow sharing accounts in another way.

Be on the lookout for offers

Operators such as MásMóvil, Yoigo and Movistar usually give away free months from time to time. You can be aware of their seasonal promotions or contract any of the packages that give access to Dazn content online for free (in the case of Movistar +).

Currently, you can also get a promotional code in the following ways:

  • As part of a promotional product.
  • In an advertisement of any authorized physical or digital medium.
  • As a prize in a raffle of one of the partners of the platform.
  • As a prepaid card that you can purchase at designated establishments.

Remember that promotional codes and prepaid cards can be activated within 12 months of the purchase date, but should not be shared . They are generally transferred to the purchaser at the time of purchase and can only be redeemed once.

If you buy or acquire any promotional code, you must redeem it from the official website .

Where to watch Dazn online? All devices

One of the best things about Dazn online is that you can enjoy it from almost any device with an internet connection. In most cases, all you need to do is download and install the corresponding app and activate your account.

As each process varies slightly depending on each team, we explain it to you separately.

Android and iOS 

You can take Dazn anywhere from your portable Android or iOS devices using their app. Its operation is quite similar to the web. From it you can create a new account, assign payment methods and view the schedule at any time.

The great advantage of using the mobile application is that you can register, configure devices and receive notifications at all times. 


If you prefer to watch Dazn live from your computer or laptop, there are these two options:

  • Download the Windows application from its official store and access it with your credentials.
  • Access the official website from your default browser (without downloading any application).

You can browse the platform in Spanish and find the catalog in high quality. And the better the internet connection, the smoother the streaming will be.

chrome cast

It’s also easy to watch Dazn online for free if you have a Chromecast connected to your TV. First you must have the official application installed on your mobile updated to the latest version and an active account.

In addition, it is essential that the Chromecast and the mobile are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or to the same router (you will connect the Chromecast through a LAN port).

Once this is done, you just need to enter the Dazn app from your mobile and look for the Chromecast symbol . Press on it, choose your device and the transmission will start immediately on the TV.

Remember that you cannot log in or create accounts directly from the Chromecast, only from the mobile.


Dazn also offers compatibility with many Smart TV brands, especially models made from the year 2015 onwards. For this, it is essential that the TV is connected to the internet when it is installed (although it does not have to be the same network as the mobile).

All you have to do is go into the respective manufacturer’s app store, search for DAZN and install the official version. Then you can log in with your data, as in the mobile app.

Some manufacturers like LG allow you to create new accounts from there. In other cases, like Samsung, you will have to confirm the payment method even if the account is already created and active.

Although it is not mandatory to have updated Smart TV software, it is recommended to enjoy the best experience when watching Dazn online. 


The Dazn app is compatible with fourth-generation Apple TVs and later. From them you can see all the content with an active account or open a new one from scratch.

Dazn is installed directly from the App Store . This app works completely autonomously, so you don’t have to keep your phone connected.

Here you can also configure the account, reactivate it, unsubscribe, among other things. And all without having to access from a browser or use the computer.

game console

Nowadays you can enjoy Dazn from practically any device with an internet connection . This also includes the latest generation consoles.

The official Dazn app is available on Xbox (Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X) and PlayStation (PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5). All you have to do is search for the official app from the relevant store and install it.

When you start you can create your account or access with a previous one. You will then be able to redeem your promotional codes to watch Dazn for free. Another strong point is that the controller has been optimized to navigate the app easily.

How to watch Dazn online legally (not pirated)

Dazn is the leading sports streaming service. Viewing Dazn online and legally activating it takes just a couple of minutes:

  • Go to the official website or install its application on one of the available devices.
  • Choose a monthly or annual plan. Remember that the subscription has no permanence.
  • Create the account with your personal data , including your personal password.
  • Please select a valid payment method .
  • Once this is verified, you can start enjoying all its content.

You will be able to enjoy all the Premier League, Formula 1, MotoGP, Copa del Rey, UFC and other favorite sporting events, both live and on demand. Very soon the La Liga matches will also enter.

As for payment methods, the platform offers different:

  • Credit and debit card (Mastercard, VISA and American Express).
  • Apple in-app payment.
  • Billing with Google Play.
  • PayPal.
  • Prepaid card.
  • Promotional codes.

Sharing accounts on Dazn legally

Obviously, you can also share an account with other people to reduce the subscription cost. Although keep in mind that it can only be played on two simultaneous devices when they are connected within the same network.

If you still want to share accounts with other people legally and safely, take advantage of tools that manage shared payments. The best are:

  • Together Price
  • Split
  • Subscribe

This modality allows you to watch Dazn online paying much less than your own subscription. The downside is that you won’t be able to view content if any of the other users are using the account. 

Warnings and precautions: Pirate Dazn?

On the internet you will find hundreds of recommendations to watch pirated Dazn for free , without registration or legal tools. Although it may sound tempting, these methods almost never work and are very risky.

Our recommendation from TuAppPara is that you be careful with these types of places that offer pirate free Dazn online. Unofficial pages that guarantee illegal access are usually plagued with viruses and access your personal data without leaving a trace.

You may be at risk of them being misused or infecting your system. The options to see Dazn for free legally, even paying very little , are the most indicated.

Thanks to the tips mentioned throughout the article, you will enjoy the Dazn catalog for free and in a free way. It ‘s available on almost every platform , so you have no excuse not to watch the next major sporting event.

Watch Dazn for Free: Frequently Asked Questions

When you contract this type of service, doubts can always arise that we are happy to answer. These are some of the most frequent when watching Dazn online for free:

How much does Dazn cost?

Currently, Dazn costs 12.99 euros per month in Spanish territory. The annual offer is 129.99 euros per year . However, the cost changes by region according to the rights that the company acquires for the transmission of some events. The platform is already working on a special subscription to pay only for more personalized content.

What devices and platforms are supported by Dazn?

You can associate up to 5 devices with your subscription. The service is compatible with Android and iOS and also works on Smart TV (Samsung and LG, preferably), Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

What streaming quality is there on Dazn?

Offering virtually unlimited access from any type of device, image quality is a must for the company. For this reason, all the contents are at FullHD 1080p , whatever the chosen support.

Does Dazn include soccer and other sports?

It is one of the most ambitious proposals on the market. Therefore, in it you will find a wide variety of exclusive sporting events. Some examples are the broadcasts of MotoGP, Moto 2 and Moto 3 during the 2019 – 2022 seasons.

As for streaming football , the platform has the exclusive rights to the Premier League (from the 2019/20 to 2022/22 season), the MLS, the Copa Libertadores or the Coppa de Italia, among others. Of course, at the moment you can not see neither the Santander League nor the Champions League .

However, it has other exclusive content , such as combat, boxing, PDC darts, cycling, Euroleague basketball, tennis and many more.

Can you watch Dazn on two screens at the same time?

As we have mentioned, you have the possibility to register up to 5 devices. Only two of them can be used simultaneously, although it is possible to alternate the content between them. In other words, you can watch a football game on your TV and a basketball game on your mobile phone at the same time.

It’s as simple as signing in on both devices . The management of these is done from the settings. Obviously, if two users are already logged in on the same account, you’ll need to close one of the streams before another device can access it.

How many devices can you watch Dazn on at the same time?

Today it is possible to connect a Dazn account for free on a maximum of 5 devices , regardless of the operating system. It is also possible to play on two screens simultaneously as long as they share the same network .

What is DAZN?

His name is an acronym for the English expression The Zone , DAZN (Da Zon for those who don’t know how to pronounce it). It is a platform founded in 2015 in the United Kingdom that  offers sports streaming services over the Internet , both live and on demand.

With all that said, you can take advantage of the best legal methods to watch Dazn online for free, saving a few euros. Remember that each option has its pros and cons. Leave us your comment if you have any questions or additional recommendations.