Digital marketing has become a fundamental part of the business strategies of companies , being decisive in the commercialization of goods and services. Likewise, new technologies have opened the window of the online world where digital marketing is the main pillar.

As in all technology, digital marketing advances and evolves quickly and it is necessary to train and learn every day with the best training options, for example, the Master in Digital Marketing accredited by the UPC is one of the best options on the market, which will It will allow to know and manage the new trends of digital marketing.

With the continuous advances in this sector, what will be trending in digital marketing by the year 2023? Next, we are going to list some of the trends that will improve the management of digital marketing campaigns.

big data

There is no doubt that data is the most relevant information to execute attractive and effective digital marketing campaigns. By 2023, companies will strengthen their systems for collecting and identifying potentially valuable data and information .

All this information is the real basis for creating much more personalized and direct marketing campaigns towards each type of target audience.

Better use of the graphic section

In a world where advertising is everywhere and on all devices, image and video can attract the user more. Following this trend in digital marketing, brands are betting more on graphic content , and it will continue to do so next year.

For many, the future of digital marketing will have more work in the graphic section accompanied by less lyrics. With this, great improvements have been achieved, such as greater ease of sharing information , more downloads and interactions, resulting in a lower bounce rate.


real-time communication

Instant messaging platforms are becoming indispensable tools in digital marketing. The feedback that exists between clients and brands becomes highly valuable data and can be used in favor of a better strategy.

In addition, the profile of the current consumer wants their messages, doubts and questions to be answered in the shortest possible time, which accentuates the power of communication in real time, generating a living ecosystem between the interested parties.

interactive content

Interactive content is one of the trends that is best integrated into digital marketing campaigns and will be the basis for the next year 2023. Being able to interact with the audience and with your target audience at the moment will be essential. 

Thanks to the different interaction strategies , a personalized experience is offered to the audience. Surveys are a good example of this type of interactive strategies with the public, consumers will be involved in a fun way and, in the process, very valuable information can be collected to improve marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing is key in improving companies, being able to get closer to the audience and generate or improve the existing relationship, will allow companies to be taken to another level.