The Spotify secret functions are as follows. It enables the users to enjoy all the songs irrespective of the type of media player they are using i.e. mobile phones, iPods or computers. It has a rich variety of genres to cater to the musical taste of all the people across the globe. Moreover, you will also be able to find the latest releases and chart topping songs in this wonderful application.

The service does not cost anything at all. You do not have to pay any fee for this. You can use this for offline music as well as online music. You will be able to listen to the songs in your own time and pace.

It will help you organize your day to day life and stay connected with your colleagues, friends and family at all times. You can set your own reminders, so that you get updated with the latest music scores. You can create your own radio station based on any type of mood. You can listen to songs and share your views with other users. Thus, it will facilitate you with a peaceful mind.

This is a very efficient tool that helps you to organize your music library. You will be able to know the various categories as per your need. You will be updated every time with the newest songs. You will be provided with a list of tracks and albums. The songs can be played from your own collection or from the ones which have been organized by you.

This is a very useful utility that helps you manage your time better. It helps you organize your day to day life with respect to work. You can divide your work into different projects and tasks. You can also organize your songs and other data by date. Thus, you will be able to complete your work in lesser time.

This is a very useful utility that allows you to listen to your own songs even if you are not online. It plays the songs randomly. This will help you get rid of the boredom and stress that you may experience while working. You will be able to work more effectively and finish your projects within the stipulated time. You can also sort the songs according to their title and genre.

This is a very effective tool that allows you to upload your own songs. You can create a custom play list that will be very similar to the ones available in Pandora. You can share your music online with your friends. You can add comments and rate the songs. The comments and rating are saved in your account.

These are the most popular functions of this app that has been downloaded by a large number of users. It also provides the option to share your favorite songs with your friends. You will be able to organize your songs and data in a very easy manner. You can always update the songs so that you do not miss any occasion.

When you are using Pandora, you have the option of personalizing your listening session. You can set up your play list according to your own preferences. You can listen to your own songs or those of your friends. Moreover, you can filter songs according to genre, artist or play type. You can also add comments to the songs.

You can also sort your play list according to the length of time that they have been played. This will make it very convenient for you to go through the songs that you prefer during a specific time. You can also see the song that you are playing next to the track that you are listening to. This is an amazing function of this application that has been designed for the convenience of the users. You can easily locate the song you want to hear by just searching the song.

You can take part in discussions with other users on this application. You can make friends over the internet and discuss music with them. You can also see the top tracks and albums of the other members of your social network. When you check out the top music plays, you will get notified each time a new track is added. This is a great way to stay updated with the latest music trends. You can also see which songs are the most popular.

If you are still a student, you will know how limiting it could be when you only have access to your room music and the Internet. With the help of this application, you will be able to access unlimited music on demand. You will also be able to find your favorite artists using the search function. All these secret functions of the application to make it highly appealing for its users.