In this article we are going to talk about how important it is for your brand to select the best online marketing channels based on the audience and objectives, and to be present in them constantly.

With the digital transformation, there are many companies that have joined the trend, however, there is still a strong lack of knowledge and a certain “neglect” before the online world.

We want to take advantage of this post to guide you and propose a series of channels that are presumed practically essential for your brand to be recognized in the digital environment, as well as the necessary tools to achieve it.

In which online marketing channels are you present?

It should be noted that the important thing in any digital marketing strategy is to be present in those channels where we are really working continuously and in which we can provide added value to our customers.

In the online world, there are many companies that open and open channels in which they then do not make an appearance for months. This, in addition to negatively affecting the brand, is a waste of time and available resources.

Online marketing channels must be worked on constantly and with content appropriate to the audience of each channel.

Let’s take the example of social networks. Many companies open all available channels and then when we link to any of these channels, we see that they have not published for more than two months. This is a brutal error for the digital reputation of a company.

It is more important to be in a few well-worked channels than in many but poorly. It’s not about making “noise”, it’s about adding value. It’s not about quantity, but about quality.

What are the drawbacks of not having a brand presence?

It seems that today you have to be on social networks or send emails just because everyone else does too. Nothing is further from reality. Each brand needs to focus on different channels and strategies and you should not get carried away by what others do.

However, today the Internet is part of users’ daily lives, so ignoring online marketing channels means disappearing for them to a large extent. Some of the drawbacks of the digital silence of brands are:

  • It reduces the visibility of the brand on the Internet.
  • It worsens the online reputation of the company.
  • We lose traffic or do not generate it to our website or blog.
  • We lose new market opportunities.
  • The vast majority of users are present online, so we lose power of communication and reach.
  • We put barriers to our company, since with the online presence there are no limits in time and place.
  • We stopped competing in the online market.
  • We miss networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • We lose sight of our competitors and their possible actions within the Internet.
  • We fail to know the needs of our target audience and we do not generate the necessary trust.
  • We lose opportunities to attract and retain customers.

In which online marketing channels should you act?

We are going to review the online marketing channels to which your company or business should dedicate time to value if they are necessary in your strategy. These are the main channels when it comes to shortening distances between brands and users.

From content marketing and SEO and SEM positioning, to the different social networks and email marketing. These are the places where brands advertise today.

1. Content positioning

We need to generate content to spread on the main online channels. This is where content marketing comes in, an essential strategy to provide added value to our potential customers.

Content marketing allows us to generate leads, convert them into customers and retain them.

In any online marketing plan, a content marketing strategy should not be missing that allows your company to enhance its online reputation, be closer to users, achieve goals with fewer financial resources and work on SEO positioning.

Thanks to enhancing what is offered to users, and working on a good keyword strategy, the web page will gain positions within the SEO positioning of search engines.

2. SEO and SEM campaigns

SEO requires constant work and its results are in the medium and long term, but if we want to be in the top positions of search engines, SEO is the key. It allows us to generate quality qualified traffic to our website, increase the visibility of our brand and therefore its digital relevance and increase conversions on the website.

For its part, SEM advertising campaigns began mainly in Google Adwords and, although technically this is the case, more and more companies are complementing this strategy with other online marketing channels such as advertising campaigns on social networks or social ads.

A good SEM strategy reaches the user at the right time to solve their problem or need and convert them into a customer.

The return on investment of these strategies is really attractive, since you only pay for the clicks or impressions that the ads receive based on the type of bid that is decided. It’s a fairly affordable way to promote your brand and reach users as they research your products or services.

The SEM accompanied by a good SEO strategy is essential to ensure that the brand always appears in Google results.

3. Social networks

Social networks are, without a doubt, one of the online channels par excellence. They are becoming more and more important and being present at them helps us build a community around our brand and connect with the company’s customers directly and transparently.

Social networks allow businesses to use a close and informal tone to get closer to their target audience.

Being present in networks allows you to know what is being said about your company, to know the preferences and tastes of users, to establish direct communication with them, to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to be up to date with trends of the market or to know the online strategies of our main competitors.

Working these channels well sometimes requires the help of a social media agency. It seems that it is something easy since we all do them at the user level. However, managing an online community well takes much more time and dedication than it seems.

4. Email marketing

Another of the online marketing channels that is quite effective is email marketing. One of its advantages is that users can enjoy content when and how they want without being an overwhelming channel for the user.

Email marketing is one of the least intrusive channels when it comes to working on online marketing.

The companies or businesses that offer a good email marketing service establish a means of communication with their audience through which they can send them content, offers, corporate messages, etc.

Do not abuse self-promotion on this channel. Users want quality content that compensates them for subscribing to the service. If you always talk to them about your brand, they will end up getting tired and unsubscribing.


There are many companies that do not have a marketing department or qualified professionals. For this reason, it is quite common to see open social network profiles but abandon them, or receive poor quality emails that increase the unsubscribe rates from newsletter lists.

Marketing outsourcing is gaining momentum in recent times and having an expert online marketing agency can help your company grow and face digital transformation so as not to get stuck in an increasingly competitive and globalized market.