The most popular hashtags are elements that you should use in your marketing strategy. They will help you to have greater visibility in social networks, enhancing the reach of your brand.

To date, there are more than 4.7 billion social media users globally . This makes it increasingly difficult to stand out in these digital spaces. Luckily, there are different tools that can help you highlight your content to reach more people. One of them is the most popular hashtags 

What are hashtags?

They are the keywords that help group various content on the same topic on social networks. According to the Oxford Dictionary , it’s a word or phrase “used on social media websites and apps so you can search for all messages with the same subject line.”

Hashtags are labels that guide and facilitate searches on platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram or Twitter. Generally, they are used by putting a # in front of each word.

Let’s take an example. Let’s imagine that your business is dedicated to the production and sale of coffee. Right now, you want to make a post that shows the steps to follow to prepare a cappuccino. A good idea would be to accompany your publication with hashtags such as #caféperuano, #cappuccino or #tutorial. The reason?

It helps to segment the content you are sharing on social networks. And it is that the most popular hashtags allow users –especially those who do not follow you– to find your publications if they search through said tags. In other words, it helps you reach new audiences. 

Popular Hashtags: How Do They Help a Marketing Strategy?

Given their popularity on all types of social networks , these tags are widely used elements in marketing. The most popular hashtags enhance a digital campaign and its contents. Here are some advantages of using them:

  • Increase interaction with the online community. 
  • They improve the organic reach of publications and the visibility of a brand
  • They create connections and facilitate conversation with the social media audience.
  • They facilitate the monitoring and measurement of content.

Tips to correctly include hashtags

As you know, the trending topic and the most popular hashtags change every day . However, there are techniques to choose the right ones or the ones that are best for your business. Here some of them:

Constantly check trends

Explore daily what happens in the industry or environment of your business. This will help you discover a trending hashtag that you should use to have more presence on social networks. To do this, you can use a website like RiteTag. Which will give you suggestions for tags that you should add to your post.

Use specific popular hashtags

The more specific your hashtags are, the narrower your audience will be. Use tags that target a specific audience that shares a common interest. Therefore, instead of #turismo, you could use #turismoencusco. A more accurate audience leads to better interactions. 

Adapt the hashtags to each social network

The use of hashtags is not the same in all social networks. While on Twitter they focus more on creating conversations, on Facebook they are normally used to better describe content. It is important that you know how to use Instagram , Tik Tok and the other networks to make the most of the most popular hashtags .

Create your own hashtag

There are companies that decide to create their own hashtag as a marketing strategy. This allows you to promote your brand, content or an event to another level. Users take ownership of the hashtag, use it in their posts and begin to interact directly with the brand. You do the same.

In conclusion, the most popular hashtags spread quickly on social networks and are constantly changing. It is key to identify both the most used and those that are compatible with your brand. This way you will get more reach and interaction in social networks.