A few months back when I was looking around online for interesting or popular music I came across quite a few songs that were part of the hot trends on Spotify/ Instagram etc. What was really interesting to me was that their lyrics and instrumentals were catchy as well! So, what do these bands and artists have in common?

Well, perhaps you can guess a few things from this list of hot trends on Spotify/ Instagram etc. The first thing is that they are all ‘quality’ music that people love and enjoy. In fact, most of them have quite a few fans. Therefore, they have built up quite a reputation for themselves.

Secondly, you have the big names in the music industry. Who else but the biggest stars in the world would be recording and releasing their music via these social media sites? Such is the demand!

Thirdly, you have a host of new up-and-coming artists who are just starting out and looking to attract an audience. Some are indie/postmodern/dream/folk/artists and some are pop/rock/pop/ indie artists. Each one has his or her own fans. And they too are constantly evolving and growing their fan base. That’s what makes trends on these sites so interesting/persistent!

Another thing I noticed was that almost every genre of music was represented. From folk to metal and everything in between. From classic rock to alternative pop. It’s quite amazing really.But it is also good to note that this phenomenon of ‘spotlighting’ or ‘influencers’ is a relatively new phenomena and has not been around as long as, say, popularising music videos, which are incredibly popular and in which the creator of the video itself becomes a celebrity overnight!

As a result, people can tell who the celebrities are, relatively quickly. Take Kanye West for example. He is a well-known and loved (even hated by some) figures in the music industry. He releases albums fairly regularly and always seems to have an eye for a good song. He then creates a video and attaches it to the album.

The moment the clip is aired on TV (or online, for that matter), it becomes viral, and within hours it is all over the place, being replayed, being blogged, being retweeted, being liked, shared and etc. The whole process of building a ‘buzz’ or getting ‘thumbs up’ for something like this is relatively short. Compare this to traditional media, where a minute or two, maybe even an hour, is generally enough to put a story in the press, and the same can be said for commercials. But that’s not all there is to this sort of social media impact, there’s a lot more involved.

As someone working in the music industry, I’m always astounded by how much interest and attention the various ‘zines, mails, apps, websites and so forth, get. They get thousands of people reading them and enjoying them, which means they are perfect for spotting trends in the music world. As someone who writes about trends too, I get asked about what I think will be popular in the coming months, weeks. I love being able to predict this, as the excitement is fantastic for me. And if you’re into music and into reading music related stuff, you’ll love spotting the hot trends on both sides of the fence.

It’s interesting to me that most major radio stations have realised the importance of streaming audio. Now they have apps that stream from Apple’s iTunes and from websites such as Pandora, which is controlled by Amazon. But one station has gone one step further, creating a radio station on the internet. It’s managed to attract advertisers like J Lo to promote their app, even though J Lo isn’t normally one to goad someone into promoting their own product.

If you’re looking to start making some money online, this could be one of your routes. The key here is to start doing it quickly. There is lots of competition out there, but if you do things right, you should be able to dominate the market in a few months time. The thing you need to realise is that most of these apps will be free, so there’s no real barrier to entry. Just get started building a list. A list of subscribers to an email list is the key to any business.

Of course, there will be other trends on the rise as well. If you can spot those, then you’ve got a huge advantage over everyone else. So long as you are ahead of the game, then you’ll be golden. Start using streaming audio today. You won’t regret it.