Machine Learning is changing the way Influencer Marketing is done. In years past, a brand owner would send emails to their list of subscribers about a special event, product launch or something new the company had to offer. Those in the industry called this “list building”.

With the help of a pre-written email and a good autoresponder, marketers could build up a large database of email addresses and have a list of potential prospects. They would use these lists as the foundation for future marketing campaigns and sales. For most brands and businesses, however, there were still days when a visitor to their website did not buy from them, and the email was lost in the spam folder. There needs to be a better way to market to those individuals and keep them interested in future purchases.

Now, instead of waiting for an email to arrive, a good opt-in system with pre-written messages can help automate the process. This is because once a customer subscribes, they receive an email with pre-written messages from the advertiser, along with the ability to forward the email on to their friends. The messages are designed to interest and entertain the customer and to remind them about future products and services, along with providing valuable information about the product. This is machine learning in a nutshell.

Machine Learning experts have long known that there is a science to selling. And now these experts are telling businesses how to apply this same science to their marketing efforts. Machine Learning experts have come together at the Electronic Marketing Association (EMA) to create the concept of Relationship Marketing. This is essentially an email marketing technique that combines the best of all worlds: an interested customer, a pre-written email and a tool that allows you to capture that customer’s information.

The way how machine learning is changing influencers Marketing is changing because the customers you are targeting with email campaigns are not only interested in the products and services you are selling but also in your personalization of the message. Machine Learning experts have created tools that let you customize the messages based on the personalization options in your email campaign. You can choose what backgrounds to use, what font type, what colors to include, as well as how to customize the graphics within the email.

How Machine Learning is changing Influencer Marketing because more customers want a personalized experience when reading an email. They expect an invitation to respond to an email, not to be sent by a complete stranger. So the first thing you will learn in Influencer Marketing is to respond to the emails customers send you, with a personal letter or an email of apology. In short, people want to take the time to know who you are before they engage with your company or consider you for a job. The technology provides many different ways to identify potential customers.

How Machine Learning is changing Marketing because customers expect more from emails sent than letters delivered in the mail. Many recipients of your email will want to know who you are, what you do and where you work. With this new learning process, your emails will not only encourage new contact but will provide useful information about who they can contact if they are interested in hiring you or considering working with your company.

How Machine Learning is changing Influencer Marketing because more companies are using technology to create new business opportunities. You may have heard that some of these opportunities involve leveraging technology to send targeted email campaigns. But how machine learning is changing the face of Influencer Marketing continues to evolve. As the technology changes, the impact to Marketing will change with it.