Social networks do not stop growing in volume of users. Currently Facebook has almost 2,000 million, while Instagram has doubled its number of users in just two years, standing at 700 million.

This growth, linked to the enormous weight that influencers have on their followers’ purchasing decisions, has meant that 84% of brands have carried out an influencer marketing campaign in 2017.

Let’s stop for a moment at the point about the influence that these public figures have in decision-making:

  • It should be noted that 40% of consumers claim to have made a purchase after being recommended by an influencer.
  • In addition, 70% of social network users use them to inform themselves before buying a product or contracting a certain service.

As you can see, influencer marketing is becoming a key piece to reach your target audience. And this is something we can say from experience.

For this reason, in this article we are going to see all the keys to influencer marketing, as well as the advantages of investing intelligently in this type of action for our company or business.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing or Influencer Marketing is a strategy based on carrying out marketing actions in which famous people or people of a certain influence advertise certain products or services on social networks and blogs.

On the other hand, there are also micro-influencers. The main difference between influencers and micro-influencers is that the latter have fewer followers, but their bond with them is closer.

In other words, the influencer is a person who is very famous within a sector, but his relationship with his followers is like that of a celebrity and his fans, while micro-influencers have a smaller online community, but the relationship is the same. from a group of friends or something similar.

Why invest in influencer marketing?

We have already been giving some brushstrokes to how influencer marketing can help achieve marketing objectives (it is enough to know the data of people who use social networks when making a decision), now we are going to see in detail what advantages it presents Really:

  • Helps improve business reputation : Associating your brand’s products with a respected person within the community will transfer that person’s reputation to your business.
  • It is non-invasive advertising : It is the users of social networks or blogs who choose to follow influencers, so advertising is not seen as such, but as a series of advice that the influencer offers his followers. Even knowing that it is advertising, users perceive it as something much more natural than an advertisement.
  • Improve SEO : Influencers usually have a large amount of engagement, so the content of your brand that they advertise will have a greater impact. This will positively affect your web positioning.
  • It helps boost conversion and loyalty : Companies that use influencers improve their conversion rate and their customers are more loyal, which translates into increased sales. This is due to the link that exists between the influencer and his followers.

How to launch a profitable influencer marketing campaign?

When launching an influencer marketing campaign, the hardest part is always finding the right person to work with. Influencers there are many, even within the sector of your business. The important thing is to find the one that fits perfectly with your target audience.

Once you find that person, you have to start working on the strategy to follow. You cannot contact him without having a clear idea of ​​what you want to offer him and how you can collaborate together.

On the other hand, you should not give everything closed 100% either, perhaps you can contribute ideas that through your experience have worked well. Think that this person is the one who best knows their own online community.

How to find influencers?

Influencers are dedicated to giving advice and publishing content, whether from brands or created by themselves, talking about a certain topic. For example, a fashion influencer will talk about fashion trends, fashion shows, colors that are being worn or post photos showing the clothes that she wears following the trends.

The first aspect to be able to carry out a profitable influencer marketing action is to find the right influencer or influencers. To do this, you must take into account the following aspects:

  • That the influencer feels identified with your brand and your products: One of the keys to the success of this type of marketing is honesty. The influencer has to feel comfortable offering your brand’s products. In addition, if he feels identified, he will be able to add value to your products thanks to his ideas.
  • That their content is of quality: The content that the influencer shares must be of quality and original. Keep in mind that quality is much more important than quantity of content. The most successful influencers don’t clutter their social media with worthless posts.
  • That it has an impact and followers: Another factor that you should look at is the impact that the influencer has. To do this, it analyzes whether its content is shared a lot, the number of comments it has or the number of likes.
  • That the bond with his followers is close: Finally, you must also take into account the bond that the influencer has with his followers. It is very important that the influencers answer the questions of the followers and have a close relationship with them.

Similarly, for an influencer marketing strategy to come to fruition, it is important that the brand and the influencer establish a strong relationship with each other. To achieve this you must:

  • Be honest: You must explain to the influencer what you expect from him and his work.
  • Answer all your questions: In order for the influencer to do his job well, he will have to know your brand in depth, so you will have to answer all the questions he has.
  • Know what other brands you work for: This will give you a clue of the time you can dedicate to your company. It is also good to know your projects, even if they are not related to brands. This also influences their free time, and work ideas may arise that until now neither of you have considered.

How to plan your content marketing strategy?

Another key to the success of an influencer marketing campaign is having a predefined content marketing plan . For this, it is essential to set a series of objectives, for example:

  • Increase sales.
  • Improve the visibility of your brand.
  • Grow your number of followers on the networks.

Based on these objectives and the type of community that surrounds the influencer, the strategy must be planned. Before speaking with the selected person, it is necessary to be clear about what actions are going to be carried out and define an indicative timing.

For example, if the influencer has a blog and one of the actions is to publish sponsored content, the ideal is to have the editorial calendar in mind regarding your content. In this way, when you talk to him or her you can already see how your editorial calendar fits with his or hers and if they are compatible.

If what they are looking for are promotional videos, you should think about who is going to record them, what will be the location, etc. Keep in mind that these are questions that the influencer will ask you and you should be prepared to answer them.

Similarly, the tone that the influencer should use or the communication channels that they will use to promote your products must be established. By this we mean whether it will be done in a totally promotional way or will be tips within other content than it usually does. It is not about specifying how you should speak. The influencer already knows his audience well and knows what content and styles they like.

Finally, another fundamental aspect is that the budget is defined in advance and try not to exceed said budget in order to measure the ROI of the influencer marketing campaign.


Influencer marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies today. It may be a good idea to launch such a campaign for your business, or at least consider the possibilities of doing so.

Studying the options and knowing the influencers of the sector will give you a global vision of how things work in your sector. Some of the influencers may be a perfect fit for your needs, even teaching you something about user relationships by analyzing their online communities.