f you are a Xbox gamer and also want to create your own profile page that shows your gamer ID and other information, then read this article. It tells you how to change Gamertag on Xbox Live. You can use this method to hide your real identity and play Xbox games online without your real name revealed to anyone.

Unlike typical gamerpic which represents your real profile picture in the Xbox live app. Gamertag is simply an alias which appears on top of your gamerpic. In other words, gamertag is the name for your profile on the Xbox 10 app.

To change your desired gamertag in the Xbox application, you need to first download the Xbox 10 app from the Windows store. You have to open the app and go to Settings. Here, you have to click on Parental Controls. Here, you will see three choices – Privacy, Content Management and Game Monitoring. Select “content management”, then click on “activate parental controls”.

The next step is to open the Xbox app, then find the setting that says “choose a profile”. Select “gamertags” and you will see three choices – Profile, Vehicle and Favorites. The right one is currently the preferred gamertag for this device, so you need to select it from the drop-down menu.

The last step is to go to the Xbox store and purchase the desired number of coins required for the desired gamertag. You can use a credit card or a payment gateway such as PayPal. Once you have purchased the gamertag, you will see a message on the lower left corner of your screen. This message will let you know that you have successfully added the gamertag to your profile. You can then go ahead and select “Multiplayer” in the main menu to begin playing the game.

Apart from the aforementioned method on how to change gamertag on Xbox App, there is another option to be followed for this task. The first option involves a text box. You need to type in your desired new gamertag, which should be followed by a colon. The next step here is to select “set user name”. Finally, you should type in your chosen user name and password.

Another method on how to change gamertag on Xbox App is by hitting the Xbox button on your keyboard.

You need to locate the section of the controller and click on add on. Here, you can type your desired gamertag in lower case letters. When you have finished typing, hit the Enter key and you will now see a red “X” shown on your screen. In order to get rid of the red X, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and hit the “x” again.

The last method on how to change gamertag on Xbox App is by hitting the Xbox button on your keyboard three times.

You need to complete all four steps. In the final step of the process, you will get a message asking you to confirm that you want to remove the chosen gamertag. You need to agree to the removal of your choice.

The last two steps on how to change gamertag on Xbox App are very easy.

All you have to do is type your desired profile name on the text box and hit enter. You will be asked if you want to confirm that you really want to change it. Hit yes to all the questions and you will see your newly customized profile shown on your Xbox’s dashboard. It will also be filled with your name, title and gametic.

One more method on how to change Xbox username is to download Microsoft’s OCS. This application allows you to download and install Xbox console customization software. This software allows you to create a new gamertag on Xbox App. You need to pay some bucks for the software but it is definitely worth the money spent.

To change username, just visit Xbox Accessories. Select Xbox > Game Status and select “profile”. In the pop up window, you will see a section where you can change your gamertag. Just hit “select claim” and you will see a page where you can give a name and a description for your chosen gamerpic.

Those two steps on how to change Xbox gamertag on Xbox App are really simple and quick. Just follow these steps until you are done and you will see that your gamerpic has been updated. And with the help of Xbox Accessories, you will be able to create a new one for yourself and show off your new one.