In recent years, online purchases of products and services have increased considerably. That is why many people and companies are beginning to realize the importance of setting up their own businesses through online channels.

To create a perfect ecommerce, you have to be clear about what elements can help you achieve your medium and long-term goals. Developing a good online store project is key for it to become a source of income.

In this article we are going to see the main aspects to take into account to create an online store without being autonomous  or even if you already have your own offline business, and all the steps you must follow to make your ecommerce a success.

Those prior to the launch of your eCommerce

When starting a project of this type from scratch, it is important to carry out an analysis of the starting situation and a benchmark to get to know your competitors in depth. In this way you get, therefore, complete information on the state of the initial situation.

Dedicating time to this first phase is an investment that you will appreciate when you start with the development tasks of your online store.

SWOT matrix

In this little investigation, you will be able to establish what our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are. It is a very useful initial analysis that gives you a general idea of ​​what your project is like, why create an online store and how it will develop in the sector.

Keyword Research

With this second study, the aim is to analyze and find the keywords by which users search for your products and/or services, as well as their search volumes. It will give you a global idea of ​​the interests of users and how you can reach them.

Buyer Person

It is an essential tool for anyone who wants to create an online project (both online store, blog or other type of website). It is what allows you to define which specific audience you are going to address.

Technical elements for the creation of a website

Once the preliminary analysis has been carried out, you can focus on the more technical aspects of creating an online store. It is time to start making concrete decisions about the tools that you are going to use in the development of your online store.

Recruitment of hosting and domain

There are many companies that provide this type of essential services when creating your own ecommerce. For the choice of hosting and domain we advise you to look at the following elements:

  • You must have PHP and MYSQL
  • Having an administration panel solves things much more for you.
  • You must have adequate disk space for your needs.
  • Availability of technical support

Choosing a good CMS

For those who do not know what a CMS is, we can say that it is a tool that helps us manage a website in a simple way.

There are several types of CMS:

  • Specific for online stores : Prestashop is the most used CMS to set up online stores.
  • CMS with Plugins : WordPress allows you to install plugin tools to create an ecommerce.
  • In the cloud : New CMS, such as Shopify, that allow you to have your ecommerce in the cloud.

It is recommended to analyze each of the pros and cons of each CMS and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Hierarchy of the web

Once you have the keyword research you can create your own menu and hierarchy of the web. You will be able to give importance to those most searched keywords and establish the necessary levels to organize your products or services based on the needs of the users.

A good hierarchy will help you improve your search engine rankings, as well as a good end user experience. It is also very necessary to be clear about this hierarchy for online marketing and advertising campaigns.

More commercial elements

Once the first two phases have been developed, it is time to start thinking about specific commercial actions. In how you are going to actually sell your products and services.


It would be recommended that before starting to sell through the new ecommerce, you establish your minimum order policies, delivery times and other clauses that you must be clear about in order to avoid problems in the future. All this will depend on the providers and logistics companies you use.

Many people often use affiliation in large e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon or Aliexpress. But there are more options that you should consider.

If you already have a physical company, this point will be much easier. Since, surely, you will already have a trusted supplier and internal policies can be extrapolated to electronic commerce.

Marketing plan

Finally, you must define how you are going to publicize this new sales channel; what strategies and plans are you going to follow to bring your products or services to users, and how are you going to achieve your sales goals.


These are the most important aspects to start creating a perfect online store, the basic process that you must follow. From here you can start selling your products or services and you will need to be able to do it as a freelancer or as a company.

You can carry out this entire initial process without being autonomous, since you will be developing a personal project without billing anything through it yet. Therefore, you can invest as much time as you need to achieve the desired result. In fact, think that the more you stop at the early stages, the more solid your ecommerce will be in the future.