Knowing how to design a website is a practical and versatile way to take your business online and one of the cheapest ways to expand into new markets. If you want to learn the steps to create your web page , in Marketing Web we explain them to you.

Previously, the creation of web pages was an exclusive job for professionals in the area of ​​computing , since only they had the knowledge to program, so it was necessary to hire these people to be able to develop the web, an action that was expensive if you were starting your business.

Over the years, businesses on the Internet have been growing exponentially, a fact that has been translated into a greater number of profiles dedicated to web design . In turn, technology has evolved to make it easy, at least to create a basic website.

Steps to know how to design a web page

Web design

There are numerous guides that explain how to design a web page . However, there are still certain doubts that are difficult to answer if the procedure is not understood. Therefore, we are going to show you how to design a website step by step.

1.    Domain, the name that locates you on the Internet

The name you give your website is known as a domain . Therefore, establishing the name of your web page is extremely important so that it can be easily found on the web.

It must be unique, original, descriptive, short, easy to remember and write. And generic like “.com or .net”, or territorial like “.es or .ar”.

Years ago, getting your website to be located on the Internet was extremely complicated because its name or IP address was based on a series of numbers and symbols. But today, you can establish the domain of your web page using words that meet the following objectives: recognize, promote and position .

If the web page was created in order for your business to be recognized, you have to use its name to design your domain; instead, if the website is to expand your personal brand, you should use your first and last name.

On the other hand, if you are going to identify the content of your website, put in its domain keywords that facilitate its search.

Therefore, before knowing how to design a web page, we invite you to establish the type of website you want to create and decide on the name that best suits you to survive successfully in Google.

2.    Hosting, your space within the web

One of the most important steps to know how to design a web page is definitely hosting , also known as virtual hosting. It is   the space of a server  in which you can store all the necessary files.


The different hostings differ in the storage capacity they offer. Therefore, if you want to know how to design a web page, you must establish the functions that you will perform on it to determine the storage power that you will need to function properly.

However, we at Web de Marketing recommend that you invest a little more money and purchase a hosting with ample storage capacity . Since, regardless of the type of web page you want to design, you may need to expand your website in the future and you will already have a large space to achieve it without any functional limitations.

Therefore, one of the cheapest hostings with ample storage capacity is the VPS (Virtual Private Server). Although this virtual hosting is shared with other users, it offers you a private space for your web page , where the activities of others will not affect yours and vice versa.

3.    Platform, all services for your website

It is a system specially designed to store information , it offers you the tools you will need to make your website work optimally.

There are endless platforms that offer you very good services, so you should choose them according to the type of website you want to create.

It offers a wide range of tools with 100% custom themes and free plugins that will help you manage the website, regardless of its function (blog, e-commerce , portfolio, etc.), WordPress can be adapted to all .

On the other hand, WordPress offers you SEO tools to help your website rank organically in web search engines, a very important benefit to be easily found on Google.

How to design an attractive web page for your users

Now that you know how to design a web page quickly and easily, it’s time to give it a more visually appealing look . In addition, of course, to take into account their interactions, or what is known as ‘user experience’ (ux).

To achieve this, you should pay attention to the following features:


web structure

The simpler the website, the better. Simplicity will help you to be organized and give coherence to your content . So, place the menu of the web page at the top or side, below it the most relevant content and, finally, the footer with all your main data.


Avoid bright colors to decorate your website , as they tend to tire the eyes quickly. You should choose light colors combined with a striking one that is responsible for highlighting the most relevant.


It is not recommended to use more than two types of letters in the same content. For this reason, you must choose very well which ones will be part of your website .


Believe it or not, images are essential to attract visitors to a website , so use images with good resolution so they don’t look pixelated.

You are ready to start your website

Leave the fear and start your own website from scratch in an easy and economical way . By following these simple steps you will be closer to success than you thought.

But, if before starting you want to take into account more aspects, don’t hesitate to continue informing yourself through Web Marketing.

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