In 21xx, there is no such thing as a stupid question! That’s exactly what you’ll hear if you’re tasked to do website SEO in 2021. Do your keywords work now, or are they just going to sit there until Google decides they’re ready for prime time? You have to ask yourself some tough questions, and then work out a strategy to answer them.

The first question to ask yourself is “Do the keywords I am using now actually improve my website’s ranking on Google?” The second question is “How can I make my website more competitive in the long term?” And the third question is “Is there a way to push my website ahead of all the other websites that use the same keywords I do?” All three questions have answers that depend on how you analyze your current situation.

Let’s start with how to do SEO in 2021 by using your keywords. You might think that you just need to change the URL to your main webpage, and this is true, but you may not be doing this to the best of your site’s ability. The title tag, meta description, alt tags, and header tags all have an impact on your page’s ranking. There are three anchor text elements that Google uses to link your page to your main keyword. This means that each of these elements must work in harmony with the rest of the page to improve your page’s ranking.

So how can you make your page more SEO friendly? The first thing is to analyze your meta data. If you see any keywords that don’t have keyword anchor texts in the metadata, you should insert them. Google loves disallowing bad keywords, so disallowing keyword anchors will help Google understand that you want to give your page quality content. Also, try to use words that are already commonly used in your niche, instead of using keywords that have yet to gain enough popularity.

Next, you need to analyze your page to figure out what tags are most important to your page. For example, a webmaster might want their page to rank for “content”. This means that they should put as much useful information on their page as possible. A good strategy for figuring out how to do website SEO in 2150 is to keep the tag name short and avoid using long tailed keywords.

Next, you need to analyze your page to see if you are using Meta tags correctly. Your page will probably be crawling by Googlebot a lot. If this is the case, Google will generally love your page and rank it very well. You don’t need to use anchor text links in your Meta tags, because Google will still rank your page very well even if there are.

Last, you will want to optimize your meta description and title for your page. The meta description is the first sentence you see on your page. It tells what the page is about and usually contains keywords.

How to do website SEO in 2150 has changed a lot since the dawn of search engine optimization. The problem was that people were optimizing one page at a time, which usually resulted in a crappy page that didn’t get seen much. Now it’s a whole new ball game and you need to approach it like an entirely different business. By getting the keyword density up on every page, using the right tags, and making sure that each keyword is treated like a keyword (which Google loves), you can boost your rank on the SERPs.