If you’ve been using YouTube and Twitter to keep up with the most popular trending topics, then you know how difficult it can be to find the right keywords to push your video to the top of YouTube’s and Twitter’s trending topics. Not only are the keywords often unsearchable on YouTube and Twitter but even if they were, there is no guarantee that those specific keywords would show up as popular on the search engines. This can be a big problem if you want to maximize the potential of your videos. Fortunately, there is a much easier way to find and select the most interesting topics for your videos.

What you have to do first is look at the list of keywords that YouTube recommends for you to post. You can find this by going to the “aping” section at the top of the YouTube page. You can also search for keywords in any search engine and then see which ones come up most. Once you have this list, you should take out the ten that you find are not as valuable to your marketing efforts.

To locate the most relevant videos, you need to analyze the lists. Go through each one and see what kinds of keywords are being used to identify videos on these sites. You want to start with the most important keywords first, since they are likely the ones people will type into their search engines. Once you have identified the top keywords, write them down and use them during your video’s title and meta description. This will ensure that you find the most important videos and start them straight away when you are looking for the best keywords for YouTube trending topics.

Now that you have an idea of the most popular keywords, start finding YouTube videos based on them. There is a special tab at the top of the search engine where you can search by keyword. Tap in any keyword you want to target and search for videos based on it. It will give you a list of matches. You should now see a list of videos matching your keywords. Repeat this process until you have identified the most high quality and highly searched keywords.

You should now have a list of YouTube videos that are related to the keywords you found during your initial research. This is the best way to identify the real things people are searching for on YouTube, as opposed to random videos. Take a look through each of these videos and identify the ones that seem to have the best content and are receiving the greatest attention from users. You can then tweak your video and use it to get the top positions.

Now that you have identified some of the most popular keywords, you have to make sure that the videos you are posting are relevant to them. Many people try to spam keywords all over their videos in an effort to rank higher and attract more viewers. This is a total waste of time and the only people that come out of all this searching are people looking for something free. So your first step should be to target the most in demand keywords related to your niche. Add some of your keyword to the titles of the videos to ensure the search engines know what the content is about.

Now all you need to do is start submitting your videos to the best sources possible. One of the most effective places to submit your YouTube videos is in the “Your Videos” section at YouTube. This is where all of your submitted videos show up under a specific category. So make sure that you choose the right “Your Videos” category. It is a great place to learn valuable SEO marketing strategies and get a feel for how to use YouTube correctly to drive traffic to your website.

Getting into the top positions on the search engines is the ultimate goal of anyone who is serious about driving targeted traffic to their websites. However, getting into the top positions can be very difficult if you are not doing anything to optimize your website. The best way to go about finding the best keywords related to your niche is to join a keyword tool such as Google’s Keyword Tool. By inputting the keyword you are interested in it will quickly tell you how many other sites have used the keyword already and where they are ranking in search engine results. There are a lot of resources on the internet about how to find and pick up top YouTube hashtags. The trick is learning how to effectively use them to your advantage!