The use of mobile devices has skyrocketed in recent years and Google has not remained on the sidelines, which is why in 2016 it began to adapt with new formats when it comes to displaying content.

This new microformat is popularly known as rich cards and tries to make your website stand out from the rest of the organic results on any device, especially if it is mobile.

It is very similar to Google Shopping campaigns, that is, the images are in the form of a carousel and work with the information collected from user searches. Therefore, it is usually the first content that can be accessed after a mobile search.

What are enriched cards?

Rich cards are a format for displaying results in Google’s SERPs. They incorporate images of great resolution and size while the text loses importance to the point that only the title and the date are shown in the evaluation, if it exists. This makes them have a great visual impact and therefore attract more users, while improving their experience.

Rich cards change the old visualization and are nothing more than an evolution of rich snippets.

Rich cards vs rich snippets

Since the appearance of Google, it has constantly tried to evolve and improve the quality of its results page (SERP). For example, it has improved the way in which promotions are placed on the results screen, which makes strategies to optimize the position in search results so widely used.

Both rich cards and rich snippets aim to improve the user experience and increase engagement, enriching the results of your pages.

Rich snippets are widely used mainly for two reasons:

  • They help attract organic traffic.
  • They incorporate the AMP format to improve the mobile experience.

The importance of rich cards lies in the following:

  • They help the bots understand the content.
  • They increase the CTR of a website.

Influence of rich cards on SEO

The evolution of rich snippets is due to the growing consumption of content from mobile devices. In order to stand out from competitors in a SERP that is saturated with information and that the user can confuse, enriched cards are born.

What do they bring differently? The biggest advantage of these types of cards is that you, as a website owner, can choose what type of content and information is going to be displayed on them. In this case we don’t have to trust Google’s algorithms to do a good job and we can do it ourselves.

Let’s see some of the advantages they have for the SEO positioning of a website.

Greater visibility in the results

To get started, you need to know that enriched cards are currently only available for local restaurants, movies, and recipes. From Google they plan to increase this availability, but it is not yet possible to use them in other sectors.

The good position that rich cards have within the Google results page, their carousel format and the preponderance of images, make users look directly at them. Add this to the small screen size of smartphones and the increasing amount of searches being done through these devices, and you have rich cards taking up most of the screen when doing a search on the search engine giant.

Uniting these two premises, you can deduce that these results will have greater visibility than any of the traditional results.

Improved web traffic

We have already talked about the increased visibility that rich cards represent for a website. This leaves you as a logical consequence an improvement in web traffic to sites that have this tool.

Why is this happening? Simple. By making a page stand out among search engine results, users’ attention is focused on it.

Bearing in mind that Internet users are highly visual and that, as a general rule, they are looking for very specific information, the images and data that they can extract from these enriched cards are going to get them to click on if they fit what they are looking for. them without hesitation.

A well-chosen image, the correct angle, the right colors, the opinions of other readers or the date of the article that confirms whether it is current or not, are elements that encourage you to visit that page.

They help to better understand the content for the bots

Last but not least we have the work they do with the bots. These types of elements allow the bots to better “understand” the content that is going to be found within the website, which will serve to position it for some keywords or others.


Today Google offers many different versions to display your content in its search results. In addition to the enriched cards, you can use their tool to show products for sale with Google Shopping, the highlights through video and much more.

Taking advantage of these opportunities gives you advantages over the competition, since it positively affects your SEO and also attracts the attention of users.