There are many companies and institutions that have special telephone numbers to be contacted. These telephone numbers generally begin with sequences such as 800, 900, and so on.

To the surprise of many, there are times that although it is supposed that the call to these telephone numbers should be free , the reality is that they do charge to dial them. In other cases, depending on where these calls are made, they are not very cheap.

The numbers 900, 901 and 902 are not all free

What some people thought was that numbers of this type 900 , 901 and 902 had a free or a very minimal cost, but this is not always the case. As some trusted this, they ended up paying large sums of money. In extreme cases, some users lost their phone lines due to not being able to pay or were even sued to pay.

The number 900 must be free of charge

Any number that starts with 900 should be free as it groups together all those public or private companies that offer goods and services to customers. Among these companies that use this service through these numbers are those of water and electricity, for example. Whoever calls a number that begins like this will not pay for the call, in which case the receiver pays for it .

How to know if a 900 901 or 902 number is paid

The number 901 is shared payment

Although it is also used for some type of service, the numbers that begin with 901 are not free. The caller must pay a percentage of the call and the receiver pays another part of the cost. It is something like a shared payment and in these cases as it is not very easy to determine how much the call will cost, whoever wants to use these numbers should be aware of this and find out the rates.

The number 902: the one who pays it

For this type of numbers that begin with 902 , the one who pays it, so to speak, the only thing different is the cost depending on where the person is. If the call is considered local, it will have a different cost than if it is provincial, for example. You have to find out very well what the rates are before making this type of calls so as not to receive surprises.

If the call to 901 or 902 leaves the mobile

In this case, if the call to one of the numbers marked as non-free goes out of the mobile, things change completely. Rates classified as shared tend to have a very high cost from a mobile compared to when they are used from a landline phone . The difference is enormous and only in some cases the free cost of 900 numbers is respected.