Many times you need to change your web hosting because you find a provider with greater capacity, its price is cheaper or simply because it offers better features.

However, for one reason or another, before taking the step of changing WordPress hosting or another CMS, there are a series of questions that you should ask yourself if you do not want to lose anything.

We know that for many of you changing your hosting provider without losing your domain is a huge stress, since this requires technical knowledge and time.

For this reason, in this post we want to help you and give you some recommendations to take into account before changing hosting; as well as we will explain how to change hosting with the same domain, without losing your nerves and patience.

Reasons why you are going to change your web hosting

Sometimes you may feel the need to migrate hosting. And it is that changes for the better will always be positive for your project.

As a general rule, these are mainly the reasons why you will want to change your web hosting provider:

  • Your website loads slowly.
  • Your website is constantly down.
  • You have limited space.
  • Poor technical support and in a different language than yours.
  • Bad service.
  • It doesn’t meet your technical needs.

What to consider to change WordPress hosting?

These are some questions that you should consider before changing your web hosting with the same domain and without losing anything.

➽ Make a backup of all your website files

Back up all the information on the old server to a removable disk. You can use the Filezilla tool to connect to FTP to copy the files.

➽ Export the database

To make sure your site works on the new hosting, you’ll need to export databases to your computer. You can do it from the administrator of your database and click Export.

➽ Import the database and upload the files from the web

After choosing and contracting your new hosting and having it activated, you will have to import the data of the copy that you saved through FTP, with Filezilla. You must load the data in the public_html directory, in the new hosting account.

For example, the process that ANW follows is simple. First, they take care of transferring your domain, migrating your website and email accounts at no cost. Later, once you give them the access data of your old hosting, they will start migrating your website… And it will be ready in 24 hours!

How to change hosting with the same domain?

If you want to change the hosting provider without losing the domain, you must do the following:

1. Release your domain

The first thing you should do to change your hosting domain is to ask the hosting provider that you have had until now for the release key for your domain. Once you have it, you can give that key to your new provider to be able to transfer your domain successfully.

To get that key quickly and easily, all you have to do is ask support to provide you with this key.

2. Modify the DNS

This is nothing more than telling your domain provider the new site where you are going to host your website. To change hosting a domain, you must have access to your domain (if you do not have it, request the access codes). Then, you will have to enter the DNS of your new provider.

Your new provider will give you those DNS from your administration panel and then you have to add them in the domain registration. Now the domain will point to the new website, although it may take a few hours.


Having first-level technical support nearby to change WordPress hosting will be very useful if you do not have technical knowledge about how to change a domain from one hosting to another.

Therefore, having these specialized ANW professionals will avoid headaches and save you some blunders. In addition, the process of changing the hosting provider with the same domain is free and will not last more than 24 hours, if you offer them all the access data of your old hosting.