Would you like to read the messages of your chats without them finding out? Do you want to know how to not appear online on WhatsApp to avoid being disturbed? Going unnoticed in this app is a dream, but very attainable: there are many methods that you can try in a few minutes.

So we invite you to know more about how to remove WhatsApp online this 2022 for better privacy when reading chats.

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How to not appear online on WhatsApp

Among the WhatsApp tricks that nobody knows is that of hiding online. And it is that the app has implemented the option to deactivate the time of your last connection to prevent users from knowing when you have connected. For that, you must follow these steps that we will detail below:

  • Enter the application and press the three points in the upper right corner.
  • Press “Settings”.
  • Click on “Account” and then on “Privacy”.
  • Go to the “Time of last time” section.
  • You will get several options to limit what type of users you want to see the time of your last connection. Select the “Nobody” checkbox so that none of your contacts or strangers see your last connection time.

To find out if someone is online or not, just look at the description that appears below their name or phone number. Normally, the status “Online” or the last connection time usually appears there . But this is usually more general, so we will tell you what to do in the following cases. 

How to do not appear online on WhatsApp for a single person

If what you are looking for is to remove the WhatsApp line status so that a specific contact does not see it , the only way was to block it. As a novelty, the application has implemented a new “Privacy” option so that you can limit the number of people on your agenda who can see the last time you connected.

In this case, just do the following:

  • Go to “Settings” and then to “Privacy”
  • Select the section “Time of last time”
  • Check the box “My contacts, except…”
  • Your contact list will appear. Select the person(s) you want to prevent from seeing your last connection time.
  • Press the green “check” button located in the lower right corner.

How to remove that you are online in WhatsApp with “Airplane mode”

Another more subtle way to not appear online for everyone without resorting to “Settings” is by setting the mobile to ” Airplane mode “. However, you must wait to download all the received messages and then reply to them when you have this mode activated.

Once you have the messages downloaded, do the following:

  • Slide the top bar on the screen of your device and tap on “Airplane mode”. Or go to Settings > Connections and turn it on.
  • Go to WhatsApp.
  • Open the message to read it.
  • Write your answer. Since it is in airplane mode, it will not be sent, but it will remain registered in the chat room until it is connected again.
  • Close the app and disable “Airplane mode” so that the message is sent to the recipient.

How to do not appear online in WhatsApp on iPhone

On both Android and iOS devices, the steps to remove WhatsApp online are similar. The most common is to activate “Airplane Mode” on your iPhone as it allows you to read received messages without the “Online” status appearing under your username.

It also has the function of deactivating the last connection time and, from the iPhone, you must follow these steps that we will detail below:

  • Go to “Settings” of your mobile.
  • Press “Account”.
  • Select “Privacy”.
  • Enter the section “Last. Time”.
  • Click on “Nobody”.

At the moment, there is no option to hide the WhatsApp time for iOS users, but it is being tested to implement that setting in the next updates of the app. Still, it’s already possible to prevent people from seeing you when you’re online and have more control over your statuses.

How to remove the online from WhatsApp Business

In both the normal WhatsApp account and the Business version , the method of hiding the “online” status is the same: go to the “Privacy” section and define who can see your last connection time. In WhatsApp Business, if a person does not have you among their contacts , they will not be able to see that information in the status of your account.

Just as you hide the information of your online status or last time, this action also makes it impossible to view it in your contacts . In case you have not configured it and the status of that person does not appear, they may have blocked you or their account is deactivated.

How to remove the online from WhatsApp Plus

If you use the WhatsApp Plus app, you can also hide your online status from other users, whether or not they are your contacts. This allows you to see your messages without anyone detecting you and thus avoid any complaints in case you decide not to respond instantly.

For that, you must follow these steps that we will detail below:

  1. Enter the WhatsApp Plus app.
  2. Go to “Settings”.
  3. Click on “Privacy”.
  4. Select the chat section.
  5. Click on “Contacts”
  6. Check the “Hide typing” box
  7. Click on “Accept”.

You can also expand your privacy options, such as selecting the “Hide blue tick” box so that your contacts do not know that you have read their message. And, just like in the official version of WhatsApp, you can use the “Airplane mode” to see the chats without being online.

The best application to not appear online on WhatsApp

Although there are already methods to remove online on WhatsApp without applications, these options still exist for users who want to read chats incognito. Among the best-known apps is Unseen no Last Seen , which hides your status and even the reading of messages.

Among its features are:

  • Reading messages in incognito mode.
  • Remove last online status.
  • Hide the blue mark of read messages.
  • Dark mode.

This can be a good alternative to avoid using “Airplane Mode” or disconnecting from the internet. However, we recommend using these and similar apps with care as some may access your personal data.

How to hide online on WhatsApp Web

Until now, the only way to not appear online from WhatsApp Web is by using Chrome extensions like WAIncognito . If you use Chrome browser, you can follow these steps that we will indicate below:

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. Go to the WAIncognito page and press the “Add to Chrome” button.
  3. Scan the QR code.
  4. In WhatsApp Web, you should see the “Incognito mode”. Click on it to activate it.
how to deactivate whatsapp online

Please note that this only works with the web version of WhatsApp and if Chrome is your default browser. In other cases, you can only remove online on the Android and iOS versions of the app as mentioned in the previous points.

How to do not appear online on WhatsApp: Frequently asked questions

Why can’t I see if you’re not online on WhatsApp?

If a person didn’t list you or you haven’t chatted before, you may not see their online status. It may also be due to privacy settings to hide your status. And in the most extreme case, it is because he has blocked you. There are some steps to find out if you were blocked on WhatsApp in 2022 .

How to know if a contact is online?

To find out if a contact is online, you must enter the application, click on the name or phone number to access the chat and see the status that appears under the name. If it says Online , it’s because you have the app open in the foreground and you’re connected to the internet.

Can you remove WhatsApp online while chatting?

You cannot remove WhatsApp online while chatting, only when you go to the Privacy section in Settings to configure who can see the time of your last time.

Now that you know how to stay offline on WhatsApp, we hope you can read your messages without committing to answer them right away. If you have more questions about this application to get the most out of it, leave us your suggestions in the comments.