Start a blog and make money online

If you desire to start a blog to generate revenue online, then you are in the right place. In the article, you will learn how to start a blog and make money online

Starting a blog is easy but generating revenue is not so easy. If you desire to start a blog as your hobby, then register a domain and hosting for setting up a website. After that, your website is ready to live and you can publish content constantly. That’s all. You have no tension, only writing and publishing on your blog. 

But for generating revenue from blogging you have to scall your plan and start following some strategies. 

How to start a blog and make money online  

For starting a blog you have to choose a profitable blogging niche. As every blogging niche is not to drive huge traffic to your website. Without traffic online income is impossible from blogging.  

How to choose a blogging niche? It is the common question that you may ask. For that, you have to think about what you know well and have well in you. It is the major fact as if you have nothing in you to write such a thing is your blogging niche with the thing you will not go long. So choose a thing about that you have enough knowledge as well as profitable that means it has enough query online. 

After selecting a niche, you need to register a domain based on your niche. Then select a CMS, under the CMS set up your website. I recommend WordPress to select as it is very flexible and handy to use. 

After setting up a website, it is ready to live your content, for that, you have to write constantly SEO friendly content. 

Create profitable content

All content does not drive traffic. For driving traffic, you have to create content for driving traffics. Ask yourself why the readers will come to your website, definitely, to get something? If is it? Then provide something for them in your content. 

All of the readers come online exploring information if you can provide informative content on your website, definitely, they will dive into your content. 

As well as informative content, you have to focus on readability. Though your content is informative, understand to hard then the readers ignore the content. So always try to create informative,  meaningful, and simple so that the readers can understand easily. 

When you can write profitable content, the content will get rank search engines easily and soon. But for that, you need to SEO (Search engines optimization)  

By the time, when you have huge traffic to your site, you have a lot of opportunities to make money blogging. 

Generate revenue through affiliate marketing

Today affiliate marketing is the name of a trendy way to make money online. Through affiliate marketing, you may generate revenue easily without any investment. For that, you have to join an affiliate program for generating a unique link. Placing the link on your blog, you can generate a commission against every sale if the sale is made through the link. 

Make money by advertising  

Advertising is another great way to generate revenue from blogging. Most of the bloggers who are their lives as successful bloggers online design their blog for blogging. Google is a dream for most of the maximum bloggers if they get approval from Google, they express their smile with satisfaction. Google is not only an ad network. There is a lot of ad network alternative to Google online. They have no restrictions to get approval as hard as Google. 

Make money being a freelance worker  

By the time, you are an expert blogger. Your blog provides evidence of your expertise. As an expert blogger, you can have a lot of opportunities to get a freelance job as a content writer. If your blogging niche is SEO that means your an SEO expert. As an SEO expert, you can get a huge job online. The blog will work as your portfolio.

Make money publishing sponsored post 

If you have huge traffic on your blog to get sponsorship, then you may be talked directly or you can hold out online “sponsorship” marketplaces such as “the midgame”. To get sponsorship, you have enough traffic to your website. The more you can generate traffic to your website, the more you can generate revenue. 

Make money selling digital and physical products

You may also generate revenue selling physical or digital products based on your blogging niche. As an example, you are sharing health and beauty tips on your blog and then most of the visitors to your blog are interested in health and beauty. Using their interest, you can sell beauty and health products or pdf including tips and tricks. 


Start a blog following the steps and then create SEO friendly content that can drive huge traffic to your website. Without traffic, income is impossible from blogging.