Updating apps on Android has many advantages. It allows you to have the latest developments implemented by developers, eliminate errors and improve device stability. But, do you already know how to update an app?

In this article we explain what all the methods are to know the available updates and install them on your mobile. But, in addition to telling you how applications are updated, we show you some reasons why this process can fail and their solutions.

This is a complete guide on how to update Android apps. Do not miss it!

In this article you will learn:

All Methods to Update Apps on Android Phone

Next, we’ve listed the steps to download the latest versions of your apps on your phone. We explain how to update apps with the Play Store , without Google Play or with the Xiaomi system application updater , among others.

Update apps with the Play Store

If you are wondering how to update WhatsApp or how to update YouTube , you should know that Google Play Store gives you a hand . When it comes to apps as popular as the ones mentioned, it is best to head to the official store.

This is how easy it is to find the new versions in the Google store:

  1. Enter the Google Play Store.
  2. Click on your profile icon.
  3. Open the Manage apps and device section .
  4. Tap Available Updates .
  5. The complete list of applications ready to be updated will appear on the screen.

As you can see, the Play Store is the best app to update applications . However, it is not the only method available to you. Continue reading to discover others that will be useful to you at different times.

Update Android apps without Google Play

Updating Android apps without Google Play Store is useful in these circumstances:

  • You have a mobile without Google services . Perhaps when purchasing a Huawei mobile you wonder how to update an app that is not in the App Gallery. Well, the method that we quote below helps you.
  • You want to download the latest version of the store . Don’t forget it! Updating the Play Store is possible, since it is one more program of your mobile.
  • You want to get the latest update for an app that isn’t in the store . Updating your entire mobile is not easy if you install software like Snaptube, an app to download videos from YouTube that is not in the Play Store.

Are you facing any of these cases? This is our recommendation:

  1. Go to a trusted repository, like APK Mirror .
  2. Write the name of the application in the search engine.
  3. Click on the button to download the APK .
  4. Install the APK to implement the update.

As an alternative, it is possible to download the latest versions from the developer’s page. Without going any further, Telegram or WhatsApp offer the APK installation file on their respective official sites.

Download new system applications

Finally, we talk about what you should do to update system apps, such as Notes, Music or the native browser . eye! We are not referring to how to update Android . That is a different process.

Depending on the manufacturer, you have several ways:

  • With the Play Store . Most manufacturers upload their system apps to the Google store. For example, Samsung does it with the web browser included in the Galaxy.
  • With the manufacturer’s installer . Specific brands implement an integrated utility in the system. The Xiaomi system application updater is an example of this. Normally, this tool is located in the settings.
  • With own stores of each manufacturer . Updating Android system apps is possible with alternative stores powered by brands like Samsung or Huawei.

Why can’t I update apps?

If you can’t update apps despite these methods, something is wrong. Let’s see the most frequent problems and solutions:

You don’t have internet connection

Don’t forget that updating apps on Android requires a download. Without an Internet connection it is not possible to carry out this process. Connect and try again with one of the methods that we have explained above.

Try doing the following:

  • Turn WiFi on and off.
  • Try switching to mobile data.
  • Reset your router.

You are downloading a version prior to the one you have installed

Depending on the path you take to update an app, it’s possible that you mistakenly download an earlier version than the one you’ve already installed. In that case, the system may not allow you to finish the update.

The server has gone down

Even when you have an Internet connection, a failure on the remote repository server will prevent you from downloading the latest versions of your applications .

It doesn’t matter if you plan to update everything or just one app, like Instagram. If the website or the store do not work, you will have to wait for the service to be restored.

Application update: frequently asked questions

We close this guide with a section of frequently asked questions related to the main question of this article: how to update applications on Android .

How to update an entire phone?

Applications must be updated through the store or one of the alternatives proposed here. However, to download the latest version of Android you must go to the system settings.

Where can I see pending updates?

The best place is the Google Play Store, in the Manage my apps and device section that appears in your profile menu.

How to update Samsung apps?

There are two ways to do it depending on the application. Some are in the Google Play Store and will therefore be updated from there. Others are only found in Galaxy Apps , Samsung’s own store.

How to activate automatic updates?

This is a function of the Play Store that is activated from Settings > Network preferences > Automatically update applications . In the pop-up message, select one of two options: On any network or Only over Wi-Fi .

How do I update WhatsApp on my mobile?

If we focus on one of the most popular messaging platforms, WhatsApp, you will receive its updates from the Play Store . Alternatively, you have the APK of the latest version on its main web page.