Do you want to grow your business or just make it known? Well, Instagram is a valuable tool for what you are looking for. With more than 1.27 billion users, according to Statista , it is one of the ideal platforms to capture potential customers and promote your brand. Here we show you how to use Instagram 

Guide on how to use Instagram for your business 

To begin with, it is important to indicate that Instagram is one of those types of social networks where you can create a business account. That is, a space dedicated exclusively to promoting your business. Now, as you may have noticed, today almost every business is found on Instagram. So how do I make my brand stand out from the crowd? Here are some tips that will help you know how to use Instagram 

How to use Instagram: Generate original and attractive content 

Authenticity is the key to success on Instagram. Do not repeat the contents of your competition. Make a difference with innovative videos or copy that drives interaction with users. That is the correct way of how to use Instagram 

Similarly, take advantage of the different formats available on Instagram. Carousel posts, stories and reels have a great impact on this social network and manage to retain users for a long time. Use them in your marketing strategy.  

be constant

It’s not just about creating good content. Learning how to use Instagram also implies maintaining a regularity in the publication of your posts and not disappearing from the network untimely. The more content you share, the more opportunities you have to reach new audiences.  

To do this, create a post schedule to organize your features within Instagram. While the idea is to give your brand visibility on the platform, remember not to post too much. According to HubSpot , experts recommend that four to six posts per week is the sweet spot.  

Collaborate with influencers 

Influencer marketing is a technique that grows more every day. In fact, a Stockapps study estimates that this year brands will invest 27.51 billion dollars in this strategy. And it is that, with the help of these celebrities, a company gains credibility and creates a more immediate bond with the public. 

On Instagram there are thousands of influencers. Knowing how to use Instagram includes choosing the right one, it is not enough to check their number of followers. Make sure it is an authorized voice in the sector where your business operates and that it stands out for providing quality and high-impact content. 

Include hashtags in your posts 

Quite apart from good copy, your posts should have at least one trending hashtag (#sports, #culture, for example) or trending topics . According to Semrush , hashtags “are very useful for finding information amidst the plethora of posts being shared on social media every day.” 

By using them, your content will be seen by users who do not follow you but who browse Instagram through these tags. Therefore, more people will discover your business, review your profile and learn about the services or products you offer.  

Find out more about your audience 

Finally, another piece of advice on how to use Instagram is to take advantage of the features of the social network itself to analyze your audience and delve into their preferences or demands. How? For example, Instagram stories offer the option to conduct surveys. Try them out to find out what your audience expects from your brand.  

According to the information you can record, you will be able to put together more effective marketing strategies. Likewise, you will be able to adapt your content to the needs of your target audience and thus obtain better engagement. 

With these tips on how to use Instagram you will take your business to another level. Not only will you have an adequate presence in said social network. But you will also expand your online community and reach many potential customers.