I am more and more encouraged to talk about SEO on my blog, since I personally love it and it is part of my daily work.

I want you to learn these 13 key factors so you know how to write a good SEO optimized post .

They are techniques that I personally use and that are part of the famous Google algorithm.

Let’s go there.

What am I going to tell you in this article ?

Before we get into this guide, I want you to know that these key points that you are going to see below are a set of key factors that make up On Page SEO .

What is SEO On Page?

They are SEO techniques that are within our reach. Basically the ones we do within our website. You can also see this in my SEO guide .

Before you start writing any post or article like crazy, you have to take into account a couple of details to have the post optimized.

Let’s see them.

Requirements to have a post optimized for SEO

Throughout this post you will see that having an article optimized for SEO is not that complicated either. The really difficult thing is the generation of content, at least from my point of view.

But hey, I don’t want to get ahead of myself and let’s see what you need beforehand to optimize a post for SEO.

First requirement :

Know the basics of SEO

If you have reached this point and everything is sounding like Chinese to you, I invite you to read the post in which I explain what SEO is and why it is so necessary.

You cannot get to know the most important points for the optimization of an article for SEO, if you do not know what it really is.

If this point is already clear to you, great, you can move on to the next step.

Second requirement :

Have an SEO plugin installed

Actually this point is not mandatory, but it will make your job much easier.

I am going to name two SEO plugins that will help you in the most technical part and above all to have a guide when you write the post.

Yoast SEO

SEO optimized post with yoast

Yoast SEO is one of the best free WordPress plugins that you can find within the WordPress repository. It is currently the plugin I use for my blog and projects. It takes up a lot of space but it does its job.

Math Rank

SEO Optimized Article with Rank Math

There is an alternative to Yoast that is Rank Math , another free plugin that is hitting hard and is positioning itself in the SEO plugin market. I can’t tell you much more because I haven’t used it yet.

If you meet these two requirements, we can now take action and learn the key points to have an article optimized for SEO.

Keys to write a post optimized for SEO

If you already know something about SEO, none of the following points may surprise you, but you will surely learn something.

I am going to show you the steps that I have followed to optimize content well for SEO. And I want to emphasize it well, this is what I have applied, it does not mean that it is a unique method.

But I am sure that if all the points are fulfilled, in the long run you will end up positioning better than the competition.

First of all:

1. Keyword Planning

Before you start writing about anything, it is important to know what you have to talk about. It is no use writing a 3000-word post when the content is of no interest to anyone.

I’m sure it’s very interesting for you, but you have to see if what you’re talking about is searched on Google.

What you have to do is a Keyword Research (keyword research).

What is Keyword Research for?

It serves two things:

  • One is to know what keywords people are using in search engines to find information related to our niche or topic.
  • And the other to know the search volume of each keyword.

What do you get with Keyword Research?

Well, what I always say, do not go blind in our project. With a KR you will know at all times what your audience is looking for . This will help you know what content you have to generate for your audience.

There are several tools to get keyword lists, the best option is the Google Keyword Planner , but for a few years they have been quite successful. Currently, in order to see the exact volumes, you must have an active Google Adwords campaign, otherwise you will only see an estimate.

There is a free alternative that is Ubersuggest , a tool by Neil Patel, a very crack SEO guy.

Ubersuggest is not a panacea, but you can get something if you take advantage of it.

2. Volume of words

Great, once you know what you have to talk about, you can take action.


And it’s no use writing a 300 word post like it was 5 years ago, nowadays articles with a high volume of words rank better in search results than those with less.

I recommend at least 1500 words.

I know, it’s a lot, but if you want to stand out and position yourself, you must do it.

3. Add value to the content

Writing a post of 1,500 or 2,000 words is fine, but it must be interesting and, above all, add value to the reader.

It is useless to have a long article with a lot of words if what you are telling is straw and to fill.

It is important that the text adds value and is easy to read, everything in SEO counts.

It is better to write a post of 800 words with content that is providing a lot of value than one with thousands of words with a text that does not provide information.

4. Fresh and unique content

If you notice I am being very heavy with the content, but it is the core of a web page, a website without content is worth nothing .

To have an SEO optimized article it has to be fresh and original.

By fresh I mean that it is not a rehash of another post that you have seen on the internet. If you do this, Google will not show you in the search results, since it thinks the following:

Why am I going to show you if your competition also talks about exactly the same thing, and very importantly, you are not contributing anything new .

I think I could add to the quote above a, pirate kid!

And being original is closely linked to the above, it is useless to COPY, if you copy the same thing will happen, Google will not show you in the results.

You know what it touches, write your own content.

5. Keywords

There are two types of keywords, content and business . The content ones will be those words with which people search for a specific purpose, either to read, out of interest or to answer a question.

Then on the other hand there are the business ones, which will be used to buy or hire a service.

I am going to mention several guidelines, since keywords are a very important pillar when optimizing a post for SEO.

  • Throughout the text there should be a volume of 1.5% of words more or less. (Yoast will help you in this aspect).
  • The first keyword should be placed in bold at the beginning of the first paragraph.
  • They must appear in the headings .
  • Enter keywords naturally and with synonyms.
  • They should be spread throughout the text.

They also have to be added in the meta description and the SEO title, but I will talk about this a little later.

6. Images

Images are another point to take into account to have the article optimized for SEO. At the end of this post you will see a point where I talk about how to optimize images for SEO .

We continue.

7. Internal linking and url

Links in an SEO strategy have to be mandatory, and it is another factor to take into account to optimize a post focused on SEO.

As you already know, there are two types of links, external and internal, and since we are doing SEO On Page I will focus on the internal ones.

It is important that within the content of each entry or post you add links that point to other pages of your website, either to another post or page.

What are the advantages of internal links?

Well, several advantages, some are pure SEO and others usability.

  • An internal link will help spread authority to your other pages.
  • Increase the visit time of the web.
  • Reduce bounce rate.

Then on the other hand you have the permanent link or the slug of the url, this must contain the keyword yes or yes. If you use WordPress the post link will be automatically picked up from the H1.

8. SEO title and meta description

The SEO title is a super important factor to position, basically it is key for SEO optimization.

The SEO title called in English is what the user will see when they find us through the search results, in the browser window tab or when the article is shared on social networks.

In it you will have to add the keyword with a call to action so that the people who find you draw their attention and click.

The title must contain a maximum of 60 characters .

On the other hand, you have the meta description, not as important as the SEO title but also necessary to have it. The meta description will be displayed in the search results to describe the content of the post.

The meta description cannot contain more than 156 characters (this can vary at the whim of Google)

If you have the SEO by Yoast plugin you will see this tab below the post to be able to fill them out.

Here you have what is the SEO title and the meta description

Sometimes you can have a meta description set and then Google can display some snippet of the content.

9. Category and tags

This point is not very decisive for the optimization of the post for SEO, but since we are here to do things right, I will add it to you.

It is recommended that you add at least one category to the article, if you don’t know how to do it, here I have a tutorial to add categories in WordPress .

Categories are used to categorize a website and help Google better understand what you are talking about on your website.

The labels are less important, but if you use them, do it with your head.

What a piece of post I am marking myself. We are going for the optimization of images, which are also a fundamental role to have a good article optimized for SEO.

How to optimize images for SEO

How to optimize images for SEO

As far as possible, all blog entries are recommended to include images, not because of SEO, but because it also helps to understand the content.

But apart from that, you will have to follow a series of steps to upload the image optimized for SEO. It’s no use uploading any image and chim boom , you have to work on it a little bit, and that’s what I’m going to show you next.

10. Choice of image

You have to choose an image that represents what you are talking about.

11. The image must be original

You already know that Google likes original content, and the same goes for images, don’t even think about using images from another blog.

I’m going to teach you a trick to upload images.

Trick to upload original images

The idea is to choose a photo from a free image bank and download it.

You open Photoshop and you turn it over (you turn it over) and with that you get it to be different and not recognize the original. No problem.

12. Image size and weight

They say that size doesn’t matter, but with images it does, the bigger it is, the slower the page will go, and speed is another key factor for positioning.

You will have to choose an image with the same size with which you are going to show it in the post. It is not useful to upload an image and then resize it, as far as possible try to upload it with the real pixels.

I am not going to tell you how many pixels you should upload the image with, but I am going to tell you that if the image occupies more than 100KB it already begins to be a brick .

I have a tutorial on the blog where I explain the process to compress images in WordPress , it will surely help you.

13. Keyword in the image

I have not mentioned it in the keywords section but I mention it now.

– The image filename must be the keyword

It is no use that the image is called DSC_2094, with that name we are not giving any information to Google, and this error is very common in first-time people.

– Title attribute and Alt text

Then on the other hand you must put the title attribute and alt text to the image, if you use WordPress you can do it from the Gutenberg block editor itself:

You will have to select the image, go to the block and you will see the Advanced and Image Adjustments tabs.

There is also another option that is from the Media tab, but it will only serve to put the title and alt text.

– Outstanding image

The featured image is not an important factor for SEO, but if we add a much better one. In case you don’t assign any, Yoast will use the first one you have inside the post.


If you have come this far, I congratulate you, since it is a post with more than 2300 words. People really look for this type of content; no, not even dad is looking for this, and do you know why? because it is unknown.

That is why it is important to talk about it and teach it.

If you follow all these guidelines you will be able to position yourself very well, but to tell you that SEO On Page is 50% of factors to position , there are many more that I will show you later.