The market is increasingly competitive, and we must find a way to differentiate ourselves from our competition, and here comes the importance of packaging that can provide us with that degree of difference and in this Marketing Web post , we explain how.

When it comes to building our brand image, even if you think that the shipping boxes that we will use cannot make a difference, since for our client it is not the same to receive a simple cardboard box, to receive a personalized box with the colors of our brand.

What is the packaging for?

Probably at this point, you want to confirm what the packaging is really for, well, it’s very simple , the packaging is that container that will protect your product when it comes to selling it.

With this we can refer to cardboard, wooden, canned boxes and, in general, any container that may contain our product.

This packaging will protect our product from the different temperatures that may exist, from external agents and, in general, from everything that may harm our product.

It is what will make our product have the best qualities and remain perfect until it is time to be consumed by our customers.


What should I know to make my packaging?

The importance of packaging is that it will be what will protect the product until the moment of its use or consumption, but also, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it can offer us the opportunity to improve our branding and give us that differentiating point with the competition. .

That is why we have brought you certain aspects that you must take into account when creating the packaging of your products.

The first thing you should be clear about is that your packaging has to attract the attention of the consumer , so that they notice your product before the competition.

If you already have brand packaging, and you are thinking of redesigning it, you have to be aware that a change that is too abrupt can make the customer not associate the product with your brand, therefore, even if you change your designs, they must carry the essence of your brand.

It is clear that the importance of packaging is high, therefore, when designing your packaging from scratch, it is important, as in any digital marketing strategy, that you analyze the sector you want to target, to find out how they think, what they need and adapt your packaging to their needs.

Another thing that we must take into account when thinking about our packaging is that it must be easy to use, since a complex packaging will not want to be used by the customer; It must also be reusable and recyclable, this is an extremely important point, since there is more and more environmental awareness and this will be a point in favor of our brand.

On the other hand, the importance of packaging also lies in the fact that it must tell us everything about the product that we want to acquire , this means that we must add all the possible characteristics of our product, how it should be used, what it really contains, etc. In this way the consumer will be able to know everything about our product and be convinced to buy it.

If you sell products that have a certain seasonality (for example, chocolates that are only sold at Christmas) it is very important to develop a packaging that is in line with the time in which it is sold, this simple detail will increase your sales.

Above all, if you sell online , the packaging will be very important when it comes to making a good impression on the customer. Internet users are used to ordering and always receiving cardboard boxes without any personalization. Stand out!

When a user receives a personalized box, with the brand name, they will feel that this company takes special care of their orders and will make the customer feel more satisfied and probably buy from the same company again.

In summary

The importance of packaging lies mainly in the fact that it makes us stand out from the competition , something essential since the markets are increasingly fiercely competitive.

On the other hand, it can help us increase our sales if we achieve a perfect packaging for our specific target audience.

In addition, it is extremely important even if we sell online, since offering something different to the user will make them feel more satisfied and buy again from our company.

So do not doubt the importance of packaging and work on it conscientiously as the product itself to obtain better results than the competition.


And so far the article on the importance of packaging, we hope you liked it and it has helped you to know these tips to pay attention to when making your packaging.

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