The design of your website is as important as its positioning or the products and services that are sold on it. It is useless to have a well-positioned web page and with a product that is the bomb if when the user who enters it does not know very well what to do or leaves it immediately because he does not like the design and it does not attract his attention at all.

You have to be clear that you have to sell from the first moment and ensure that the user who enters your website ends up doing exactly what you want them to do. Whether buying a certain product, signing up for a course or subscribing to your newsletter. This is precisely what is achieved through web design. A good web design will help your followers to access all the content and functionalities of your website more easily, it will attract more visits and increase your chances of retaining users and that they end up buying your services or products.

On the internet and especially in the world of web design, it is essential that you are always up to date with the latest trends. Since at Blixt™ we love design and we are always up to date, we would like to tell you about the latest trends in web design so that you are fully up to date when you start designing your web pages or give it this modern touch that some of your websites need so much. Well, pay attention everyone:

#XXL images on the web


We have been seeing them throughout this first half of 2015 and they will probably continue to be a trend in the coming years. Images are gaining more and more strength and occupy much of the space of a website (especially on homepages). Much of the content is replaced by high-quality photographs and images, since they are much more powerful when it comes to transmitting a message than if it were text (note, this does not mean that texts should be neglected).

#Videos also full screen

Undoubtedly one of the best resources that allows you to show in great detail what the website offers you at a glance. If you also use the video on the homepage, don’t make it too long and play it in a loop, you’ll have a very powerful hook.

#Flat Design will continue to be a web design trend


Flat design is a type of design that lacks decorative elements such as gradients, shadows, reliefs, etc. where flat colors, simplicity and minimalism predominate. It also turns out that it is perfect to combine it with large images or background videos. It was already a trend in 2014 and the first months of 2015 and will continue to dominate in the coming months and early next year.

#Pop-up windows and pop-ups

Just a few years ago we didn’t even see them, but there are more and more websites in which we notice greater interaction with users who browse through them through messages that pop up on the screen such as buttons, questions to the user or popups to subscribe to the newsletter. The user goes from being a mere spectator to being part of the page (look&feel).

#The start menu

It seems unbelievable but such a simple element that seemed like it was hardly going to evolve, such as the start menu, has also evolved. Due to the fact that we browse more and more from our mobile phones and practically all websites are already responsive web, some kind of solution had to be found that was also aesthetically pleasing. And this is how the three bars that we find today in the upper right part of so many websites were born. The three lines serve to display the different sections of the web. It seems that every time we will see this type of menu on more websites.

#Icons gain prominence


From the simplest icons in a single color to the most elaborate, they all help us to identify the different categories of a website in a very fast and pleasant way. These icons are very practical since they also help the website weigh less and load times are shorter.

#Ghost Buttons


The transparent buttons (ghost buttons) are that type of buttons without padding, with fine lines, simple texts and something larger than conventional buttons. They usually go above the photographs and in the central part of the screen. Ideal for creating effective calls to action.

#The increasingly important “types”

Forget Times New Roman once and for all. Typographic design has entered the web pages with force and is set to stay for a long time. It is one more way for your website to gain in design and elegance and differentiate itself from the rest of the competition’s websites.

#Card Designs as web design


Apparently disordered images but with a concept and order behind. It is about displaying images of different sizes and shapes randomly in the browser. At first glance it may seem too chaotic, but it can give your website a touch of originality, especially if it is an ecommerce.


Many will find cookies annoying, but they are the future of web page design. Cookies allow to show a specific type of advertising to each user according to the places where they have been browsing. We will notice that this trend will increase due to the progress of artificial intelligence that will tend to direct the navigation of all web pages in the future.