Maybe you don’t know yet but you can use Instagram PC using a direct Instagram pc App. The popular application used above all via smartphone, it is possible to attend it, in the absence of a mobile device, even through the version for Windows and Mac. Instagram PC is therefore very useful not only when the app isn’t working, but also for doing things like sneaking Stories without getting caught.

Unlike other popular social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is the one that is more limited without a mobile app, and therefore it becomes essential to understand how to use it even from your computer if you do not have a smartphone available.

Are you curious to find out how much the version on PC can be similar to the app, if certain functions will be present or not or if it will be possible to view the stories?

Here, then, how to use Instagram on PC, the things to know about downloads, tricks to upload photos and to watch the stories of others secretly so you can comfortably use the app on a big screen without problems and difficulties.


  • Download Instagram for the PC
  • Instagram on computer with BlueStacks…
  • How to use Instagram PC best?
  • Instagram Pc: See all the stories you want
  • The limits of Instagram for pc: will it update again?

Download Instagram for the PC

Is it possible to download Instagram for free on PC? Instagram is a mobile app officially available only on smartphones or tablets (Android and iOS), but you can use it on your computer by installing the app for Windows (does not exist for Mac), an emulator or by logging into the Instagram Web site from browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox).

All Instagram Web features are available here, including Stories, but you can’t post photos and videos. If you want to download Instagram on a Windows 10 computer or tablet, proceed with installing the app by pressing Install and then the Get button.

All Instagram Web features are available here, including Stories, but you can’t post photos and videos. If you want to download Instagram on a Windows 10 computer or tablet, proceed with installing the app by pressing Install and then the Get button.


The first thing you will need to do is go to the official website . From here you can either register or login via Facebook or with your credentials, by clicking on Have an account? Log in.

Once logged in, you will be able to view the news feed with photos published by friends and from the pages you follow, like posts, leave comments, follow new accounts, report and defollow.

You can also use the search bar at the top to search for specific users or to search for photos shared with the hashtags that interest us, you can see the favorites received in the icon at the top in the shape of a little heart and you can explore new users to follow by clicking on the Explore compass.

How to use Instagram PC best?

Although the application was created for an almost totally exclusive use from your smartphone, it is not unusual to decide to use the Instagram application for PC. In fact, it is often more convenient to use, especially for those involved in social media management . In fact, this is a typical job in which social networks are used for more than 80% in the desktop version.

The version of Instagram for PC is not perfectly similar to the smartphone app, since it is slightly more limited, but with the latest updates, many features have been implemented, with just as many interesting news.

Interacting on Instagram and being able to search.

Thanks to Instagram for Pc, it is possible to perform many actions, including checking your feed via the desktop, and it is a very interesting solution.

Using only the mouse, you will avoid unpleasant accidents that could be caused by swiping images of the people you follow with your finger on the touch screen.

Thanks to Instagram PC, you can still comment, like as many as you can on all the content that you find interesting and be able to concentrate on doing targeted searches, based on the content you are looking for.

A social media manager, who needs Instagram like bread, needs to do continuous research, looking for the right hashtags, influencers to involve in an event or make statistics by comparing profiles. It therefore becomes useful and practical to be able to do all this from a PC, since the larger screen allows a better view.

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Instagram Pc: See all the stories you want

Another novelty of Instagram for Pc concerns the possibility to watch the stories and even interact with whoever you want, by sending a message or the possibility of sending a reaction.

In addition, you will also be able to see the live broadcasts of Instagram, a very interesting option for those who love to follow live on this platform. In fact, especially in recent months, live shows have increased dramatically, also thanks to this new possibility.

Moreover, you can be operational on Instagram Pc, taking advantage of the possibility of being able to upload all the contents. In fact, if before it was difficult to load content, such as a simple photo, simulating access to the mobile app from the desktop, now everything is solved.

In fact, thanks to the creation of the Faacebook Creator Studio, you can program the various posts on Instagram and on Facebook itself totally free, without having to use third-party applications. So green light to photos, short videos, videos for your IGTV channel, making the desktop experience really interesting.

The limits of Instagram for pc: will it update again?

The worldwide success that Instagram has been enjoying for some years now is due to the fantastic intuitive interface of its smartphone application.

The platform, which can be used easily and simply, combined with the ability to carry the smartphone with you and use it at any time, has ensured that millions of users are using this social network more and more often.

The developers, therefore, began to dynamically update the platform, making it more and more performing. Although its desktop version has often been forgotten, recently the new updates have made it almost equal to the mobile app.

There are, in fact, many users who choose every day to use Instagram for Pc. Among the most frequent reasons, it is clear that it is thanks to the possibility of having a much larger screen and avoiding blocks and forced closures that often occur on the smartphone.

Of course, not all that glitters is gold . The version of Instagram Pc has many differences from the mobile application. In fact, the actions still remain very limited.

It is possible, with Instagram for Pc:

Comment on other users’ posts;

Like the content you prefer and the users you follow;

Watch the stories of those you follow;

Search for users and view the feed explore.

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