Why has the Instagram social network experienced a remarkably growing affluence in recent years? Is the user-friendliness and easy handling of the application interface a factor? Obviously! But very expressive photos and videos posted by users (individuals, freelancers, companies, etc.) are just as representative of Instagram’s dazzling success.

Thus, this platform is fast becoming the most reassuring social media – on mobile – for Internet users looking for services and / or products promoted by companies. They have understood it well and manage to skyrocket their commercial successes thanks to this social network. Better still, those who want to have even more visibility entrust this task to specialist social media agencies. Their goal: to have more likes and followers in order to reach their financial goals. Also they must have a pro account by registering on the platform

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A professional Instagram account, what for?

The average user can be satisfied with a personal account and that is sufficient for him. However, he can migrate his personal account to an Instagram business account whenever he wants. But when we talk about business, brand awareness, visibility of a company or promotion of a product or service, the Instagram professional account option is essential: it must be preferred upon registration. on the platform. The main reasons why hundreds of thousands of companies can no longer do without the business account can be listed as follows:

Instagram professional account, a way to boost your performance?

What company or brand cannot be proud of knowing the number of its followers and being able to interact with them? The business account gives these possibilities to pro Instagram users. This type of account is certainly paying, but that is worth a few tens of euros (spent to obtain it) in view of the interesting profitability that this solution provides. Entrepreneurs have, in fact, tools that facilitate the efficiency and productivity of their businesses: from the performance of their commercial approaches to the evolution of the number of their followers, everything can be analyzed and improved by social marketers. media.

But the advantages offered by the Instagram business account are multiple. This is how – for example – the signaling of its online presence and the precision of its exact geographical position create an atmosphere of trust between a company or a brand and its subscribers. Their interaction is all the more facilitated because a CTA (call to action) allows followers to send various requests and company customer support to respond to them in real time: the 20 million or so users who follow one or more several brands on Instagram know something about this.

Thus, in terms of flexibility, the pro Instagram account is far ahead of its counterparts on competing platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, etc. This allows professional users to generate followers much more easily.

A little tip from buyfollowerssingapore.com: consider inserting a tracking link on your Instagram profile. This link allows you to measure the reach of a campaign, a post or any content put online: number of new prospects and customers obtained, number of subscribers to the link, etc. Likewise, it is important to activate the “notification” option of his Instagram account in order to respond in real time to the reactions of his subscribers: this will prove his professionalism and his attention, and will create more confidence and engagement of these subscribers.

Instagram professional account, a generator of traffic to a website?

All legal means are good to generate traffic on your website. Putting a link on your Instagram pro account and pointing to your website can help give more visibility and notoriety to a brand, to a business. Only requirement: the site must be optimized “ responsive web design ” (adaptive website). In other words, it must be adapted so as to be accessible via mobile devices (Smartphone, tablet, Android…). It is important to note here that Instagram is only available in mobile version, and that mobile users would find other means of accessing a site only through their mobile devices. To ignore this truth is to lose potential customers and / or prospects.

Small tip: mobile users do not want to allow seconds that they consider extra to access a site via their mobile: therefore be reassured that the pages of this site load very quickly; also make sure that all the pages of the site are optimized so as to be loadable on all types of mobile devices.

Instagram professional account, a sign of credibility for companies?

To be credible, a business must inspire confidence; and to inspire confidence, it must constitute the exact answer to the multiple needs and requests of its prospects and customers, prove its professional, distinguish itself in its field of expertise. But how can this be verifiable on Instagram? Acquiring a business account is a first step, of course, but quality followers and their likes are a kind of measure of credibility.

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To synthesize

An Instagram business account offers two great advantages:

  • Access to account statistics: scope of weekly publications and all publications since the creation of the account; number of visits recorded by the profile, account news and latest advertisements posted, etc. ;
  • Access to the advertising module which allows visibility of the Instagram account and generation of traffic to its website linked to this account.


Instagram, what clues for the quality of a profile?

The quality of an Instagram profile is measured, among other things, through the engagement rate, the quality of its real followers and the number of their equally real likes. The more the company has real followers, the more real likes it has; the more real likes she has, the more audience she has and the more credible she is. It is for this reason that many businesses and influencers ignorantly flock to sites claiming to sell followers. The catch is that the majority of these sites are illegal and sell fake followers to companies seeking audiences. The profits of these fake followers are clearly detectable by their lack of basic criteria (lack of profile picture for example). Which keeps them away from being real followers.

However, there are credible companies with offers to Buy Real Instagram Followers. These companies are verifiable, among other things, by the money-back guarantee they offer. For example, a company can – with assurance, therefore without any risk – Buy Real Instagram Followers with BuyFollowersSingapore.

Quick tip: Before ordering likes on sales sites, make sure the followers are genuine and likely to generate qualified leads or potential customers – not just increase visibility and number of likes. Doing otherwise risks buying fake likes which, in the long term, will not make it possible to conclude sales contracts.

Why is having more Singapore Instagram likes with buyfollowerssingapore.com services important?

To the question of whether there is a linguistic and geographical scope of Instagram likes, we can answer “yes”! Why ?…

Companies are distributed in space and all have a specific language, main to promote their brands, their products or their services. The relevance and authenticity of their publications elicit objective and quality comments in a particular language, around a particular service or product, depending on such or such other country. This suddenly creates a kind of proximity audience whose credibility index can be verified through the engagement rate of followers.

For example, a Singapore influencer with a quantitative and qualitative number of real likes , entirely or mainly Singapore, has much more credibility and inspires more confidence than a Singapore influencer whose likes are German or Bulgarian. Why ? Because liking a post means having fully understood a post before reacting accordingly.

Buyfollowerssingapore being a 100% Singapore Company and focused on the Singapore speaking market in general and Singapore in particular, it specializes in the sale of followers thanks to a team well trained for that.

A little advice from buyfollowerssingapore.com: consider regularly posting quality content that responds to the concerns and real problems that your audience is experiencing. To do this, using the services of an experienced company (in terms of performance analysis) can provide an interesting customer experience: number of clicks for a campaign, conversion rate, favorable hours for posting content, etc. This information, when properly analyzed and expertly processed, can act as a consequence in order to boost sales and achieve financial goals – among other things.

How to conclude?

Getting started with a professional Instagram account is important for a business; better, having a verified status certifies the officially of this account. But even being professional and verified, an Instagram account needs a quantitative but above all qualitative number of real followers and real (Singapore?) Likes to promote the visibility of a company, a brand or an influencer on this alternative platform to Twitter and Facebook. To do this, you have to work hard by posting relevant and quality content (photos and videos), in order to be able to acquire engagement and conversion rates (more or less acceptable) from your followers.

However, today there are legal mechanisms for generating real followers and real likes that make it possible to achieve sales goals by forging a community of buyers on Instagram. Thus, whether it is to Buy Real Instagram Followers Singapore or to have more Singapore Instagram likes with the services of buyfollowerssingapore.com , the promise made by Buyfollowerssingapore to its customers is clear: to make them earn (quickly and cheaply). cost) in high visibility and help them stand out from their competition – in order to achieve their professional goals on Instagram.