The relationship between the user experience, user experience or UX and the positioning of your website is an increasingly important factor in attracting quality traffic and conversions. Search engines take it into account, as well as other factors such as the use of pop-up notifications , and of course users do too.

UX design and optimization of the user experience are actions that do not replace SEO positioning work, but complement it and help greatly. Not in vain, among the more than 200 factors that Google values ​​for SEO is the user experience.

UX and SEO are two basic considerations when designing a website. Both factors must focus on the same objective and be treated in a joint and coordinated manner.

SEO is about attracting the right people and providing them with relevant answers to their search queries. The UX seeks to improve the visitor experience and loyalty by improving the usability of the site so that users can interact with the brand, as well as learn more about its products and services.

UXO: Optimize the user experience

Beyond working on the UX, you have to know the new trends in this regard, and among them are the UXO actions, do you know what they are?

User Experience Optimization or UXO is a set of strategies and tools designed to make the interaction between people and your business, product or service easier and more useful.

UXO revolves around the customer. The strategies and tools are designed to improve product recognition and increase usability. The ultimate goal is to increase customer loyalty, brand trust, and company authority.

Some of the advantages of a UXO approach are:

  • Responsive: Working well with UXO forces you to optimize your company’s online presence for any device.
  • Data analysis: Optimizing the user experience will give you a lot of data about your website, your users and where you should direct this channel.
  • Predictive marketing: Having so much data and information will help you know where the sector and your users are heading, thus being able to anticipate their needs.
  • User satisfaction: It takes into account the opinion of the client and focuses both on their comfort and on sales.
  • Training: Require the training of your company’s employees, so that they also adopt a philosophy oriented towards user experience.

Aspects that UXO works

To adapt our SEO positioning strategy with a good UXO, we must take into consideration a series of factors. Next, we will see the general lines and some important concepts.

  • Utility : The first and most important requirement: your product must be useful. Studies place utility 1.5 times higher than usability.
  • Usability :. Although it is in second place, usability is an essential requirement to engage and offer the user a good experience. Give your website the usability and ease to fulfill its function and you will have almost all the success gained.
  • Interest : Get the content to be of quality and interesting. Only then will you achieve true engagement.
  • Satisfaction : Functionality and usability occupy the most important places within the pyramid of important elements of UX. But the satisfaction and positive sensations through different tools that we generate in the user have a basic place.

How does Google know if your website takes user experience into account?

When considering web security and the development of our online project, it is necessary to establish a balance between our orientation towards Google and the user. There are more than 200 KPIs or indicators that the search engine takes into account to determine the authority and value of a web page.

These indicators are classified into three categories according to their importance: critical, moderate and low. On your website, focus on fixing the critical issues first, then gradually work on the others.

Among the first, that is, those of critical importance, is the age of dominance. And also its history or issues such as, for example, if the owner has been penalized before.

There are also other indicators, such as the use of keywords or keywords or that the domain exactly matches the search carried out by the user. Finally, there are considerations such as whether the domain has been registered publicly or privately and whether the duration of the registration is long-lasting.

KPIs can also be grouped into those that refer to web page traffic , conversions, and engagement.

And every day more, Google looks at the indicators that demonstrate a good user experience, because that ends up generating a closer relationship between the customers themselves and the website they visit.


The CTR or Click-Through Rate indicator refers to the rate of clicks that we register when our page appears in the search engine results.

This indicator influences the user experience to the extent, for example, that our website is responsive and meets the expectations of a user who accesses it from a click on their mobile.

Average visit time

The time a person spends on your website is indicative of the experience they have had as a user and the satisfaction it has given them. This is where metrics such as the average time of a visit or the bounce rate come in.

Google is only able to measure the time a user spends on our website when they interact between two or more pages.

bounce rate

In relation to this, the bounce rate is the indicator of the number of users who have come to our website from another site and, subsequently, have closed the page or typed another website in the address bar.

natural backlinks

When a user arrives at our page through a link that they have found on another website with a domain different from ours and with interesting content, that link is a backlink that will improve our web positioning and increase our traffic.


With the proliferation of a number of digital channels to reach users (eg mobile, desktop, app), you should not hesitate to incorporate UX as an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

It is not only a way to improve your results and your sales, but it also means the possibility of providing a useful, satisfactory and comfortable experience to the people who visit our website. And that is something of incalculable value for the present and future development of your business.