Creating a web page may seem like a complicated task at least at first and we may have doubts about it. For example, its design is one of the most important points to consider.

Always having an efficient Colombia hosting , developing a well-organized website will not be a problem.

The design of the web must fulfill the function of facilitating the visualization of the different contents and being a useful tool for its visitors, allowing them to search for and find the desired information more easily.

Here are six tips you could keep in mind when designing your brand’s website.

1. Personal information

You can not miss a section “Who are we?” where, in a synthesized way, you will briefly explain what the brand is about, when it was founded and what its objectives are for customers.

It is essential that every website includes a section where visitors can find your personal (or company) information to contact you. You can add a phone, mailbox or social networks. You must be attentive to the doubts of your customers and resolve them as quickly as possible.

2. Less is more in web design

Avoid overloading your website with content. It is always preferable to avoid too many images, videos or animations that can overload customers with information.

It is recommended not to include heavy elements in it, such as high-quality images or long videos. In the case of images, it is preferable that they do not weigh more than 1MB and in the case of videos, try to opt directly for links that redirect to YouTube or some other platform instead of including them directly on the web.

3. Pay attention to the color palette

The main web pages usually use no more than 2 to 4 main colors, since this way it will be more aesthetic and neat. Make sure that the choice of colors serves to highlight the main and most important content of the page. You can also choose to choose several shades of the same color.

4. Mobile phone compatibility

It is a reality that today we use our mobile phone more than any other technological device. For this reason, it is essential that the design of your website is responsive, this means that it can be adapted to any mobile device (in addition to the computer) without the contents being cluttered.

5. Beware of fonts

It is not advised to use more than two fonts on the web. The ideal is to use one type of font for the titles and another for the body of the texts. Use fonts that are easy to read and are pleasing to users. No italics or illegible fonts.

6. Satisfied customers

Add a special section dedicated exclusively to the opinions of your customers, where they can add comments speaking positively about the brand. This point will be essential to attract new customers as they can increase trust in your brand.

7. Think of the web with an SEO structure

It is essential that from the design you are thinking about the organic positioning of your website in Google, which is known as SEO. Therefore, I recommend you visit the following article where we explain much more about this topic.