Facebook has had the idea of ​​​​evolving its emojis giving way to soundmoji as it continues to provide new features on its platform, so that no other application takes away its first place in social networks. Not long ago it tried to rival TikTok by creating Reels on Instagram. In this article, we will see the importance they have, giving their definition, mentioning their differences with emojis and their use in Digital Marketing.

What are soundmoji?

A soundmoji is an emoji that is given to the recipient with a specific, characteristic sound that is related to the message that is to be conveyed. These resources can be sent through some private digital messaging systems such as Facebook Messenger. These elements are sent to represent emotions, ideas, feelings or any opinion in an agile and direct way.

Main differences between Soundmoji and Emoji

The main difference between them is that emojis can be placed on all digital media (social networks, messaging apps, emails…) and soundmoji can only be sent through messaging apps. For this reason, over time they will find a place in the different options that are offered to give content (stories, reels, publications, among others).

On the other hand, emojis could be considered as the evolution formed by 12×12 pixel bitmaps that make up images, while emoticons are made up of only characters and express only emotions. In this way, emojis can generate more complex representations that go beyond emotions and include many different concepts. Stickers, on the other hand, do not have a fixed size , they are larger than emojis and can represent concepts in more depth.

Soundmoji in Digital Marketing

Soundmoji are gaining ground in direct communication, as well as in Digital Marketing. Customer service Brands use them to make users feel closer, dynamic or friendly and thus surprise them .

Digital marketing professionals have seen that emojis are a tool that have been frequently added to their projects, and soundmoji are not going to be less. Using these to convey the following effects:

  • Attraction and engagement in conversions . Users perceive these elements as novel and less monotonous, which is why they are more attracted to this communication.
  • Novelty in the message . With the soundmojis, the strength of the message is reinforced and it is possible to settle it more in the minds of the users who interact with the brand.
  • Differentiation . By introducing originality in communications, they will be described as a brand that takes care of users and always wants to continue surprising. Therefore, it is a way to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Although soundmojis have their moments of use and they don’t always fit. For that reason, on some occasions they can feel very inappropriate , especially if it is required to be serious or hierarchical.

Soundmojis on Facebook

Facebook has released a new emoji library for its messaging app and adds a new layer of expression to commonly used images: sound effects. That is, it is a combination of all the reactions that are available with sound effects.

This feature does not work when reacting to a photo or video, it only works in Messenger chat. When selected, the recipient will not only see the emoji, but will also hear a sound that is associated with it, for example, this can include anything from clapping and chirping crickets to snippets from TV shows. Facebook ensures that more than 2,400,000 messages with emojis are sent daily in Messenger and they help to express everything that cannot be said with words in the same way that they add color and vitality to chats .

To use the Soundmojis you just have to go to the Facebook Messenger application. Once there, you have to select a chat and touch the face of the emojis to send one as usual.

It should be added that this was not an idea originated by Facebook in its entirety. Previously, there were not a few who sent animations with sounds in Windows Live Messenger and they were known as winks.

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