With the number of smartphone users rising every day, manufacturers are often left scratching their heads as to why their phones have so many complex and costly features. They end up adding tons of features which are in fact unnecessary. Read on to learn about the 15 most overrated smartphones of all time – the OnePlus 5T.

This phone’s key selling feature is its Oxygen app. The Oxygen app literally puts your cell phone into a bubble, much like what you see in science fiction movies where people are said to be put into cryogenic tubes in order to prevent aging. While this is a great feature, it does not live up to its promise.

One of the biggest complaints against this phone is its bloated interface. There are over a dozen preloaded apps, and each one takes up over 20 MB of space. It can be quite frustrating to use one of these apps because they are never really used. I would suggest buying a couple of add-on apps to get more out of your phone’s capabilities.

The one key function of this phone has is the camera. The Oxygen app lets you take pictures in a number of modes, but the default mode is the single camera view. While this mode does offer some advantages, like multiple angles, it does limit you in other ways too. For example, you can’t zoom in or out without also zooming in or out.

The Oxygen mobile phone’s on screen key functionality is also one key feature that I dislike. You can click on this icon to launch the phone’s dial. The problem with this is that you have to keep clicking the key to call. It makes it difficult to simply go ahead and call someone.

The phone’s key to access Internet features too is just one key feature. While the browsers in Android can be slow to load in some cases, at least you have an excellent browsing experience in Chrome. The problem with the stock browser is that you cannot download anything from it. So you will have to either install third party browser plug-ins, or spend some time in Webroot to find and install the right ones.

The one key feature that this smartphone lacks is the voice dialing option. The manufacturer has included an implementation of the traditional touch-to-talk feature in its software but the quality isn’t great. The problem here is that the feature works only when you press the home key on the handset. So you have to press this one key repeatedly in order to actually initiate a call.

In general, this smartphone is okay. The one flaw is the lack of any voice dialing function, although this one key feature is accessible from the Settings. This can easily be changed to a feature with much more functionality. Also, the screen looks flat, and the hardware keys are a little hard to press. Other than these two minor setbacks, this smartphone is a perfect choice for anyone who likes to stay connected with the people they love. It comes loaded with tons of useful apps, from maps to messaging apps.

One of the most popular features of the BlackBerry is the BlackBerry Classic. The Classic is a powerful offering in the BlackBerry family, especially because it’s an older model. But if you’re looking for something special, the BlackBerry Playbook could be your ideal choice. It’s thinner and lighter than the old BlackBerry, and it’s a complete refinishing of the old product. The Playbook is loaded with plenty of useful features including a high-speed internet connection, dictionaries, and hundreds of applications. If you want your regular apps on the go, the Playbook is your best choice.

If you’re an enthusiast and love entertainment, the iPhone 5s is your ideal choice. It’s loaded with tons of great games and apps including the App Store. The iPhone has always been one of the most widely used mobile devices because it is highly reliable and versatile. As a result, millions of people use the iPhone for everything from entertainment to business, from Internet use to social networking.

If you’re looking for a smartphone with top quality performance but don’t have too much money to spare, then you should definitely consider buying the Google Nexus S. It has everything you’ll need in a smartphone: amazing speed, excellent screen and display resolution, fast processor, and lots of memory storage. It runs Google’s Android operating system, so it’s not like you’ll need to learn any new technologies. However, the S also comes with a lot of apps pre-installed, which makes it easier to get the most out of your smartphone experience. All in all, the Google Nexus S is an excellent smartphone that should definitely be considered by anyone who wants a smartphone that’s affordable, powerful, and fun.