The first five are apps that are particularly helpful. They help you take notes more effectively and efficiently. They are all available for free and they could not be easier to use. These are just some of the top apps for taking notes on your mobile device.

Evernote is a very simple app. You can save a lot of time if you can memorize a lot of things quickly. It lets you see a lot of notes and it also helps you organize them. This is an especially useful app for people who work on a lot of projects. You can clear off some space in your notebook and it can also help you stay organized.

OneTime is another app that lets you take notes with it. The free version only allows you to store five notes at once but the pro version offers 100 notes at once. You can also store all your notes in one place. It helps you remember what you have already said and you can quickly look up information when it’s needed. The interface for this app is very simple and it makes it easy to take notes effectively.

Numbers Notes Pro is the fifth best app to take notes with your phone. This is mostly used by students because it allows them to take notes in a more organized way. If you want to organize your notes, this app can help you do that. It has a simple design and it lets you search for terms or ideas easily.

Slideshare is the third best app to take notes with your phone. This is the kind of app that allows you to upload any picture or video you want to share with the rest of your class. With this, you can create instant notes. You can also take a snapshot of any presentation you attend and then upload it for others to view. A lot of people use slideshows as their notes, since they’re easier to download and you can see them in a format that you like.

Smart Notes pro is the fourth best app to take notes with your phone. It was developed by Adobe and it provides high-quality images and text. This app works with both PDF and text files so you can upload anything you want and it will be integrated into your class. The interface is very clear and it allows you to edit the document in two ways – by highlighting keywords or entering new words. You can also add an image or a logo to your notes. If you need a high-quality photo or image, you will find that this app provides that.

OneNote pro is the fifth best app to take notes with your phone. It was developed by Intuit and it allows you to store up to two million notes. This great app provides you with everything you need to remember each and every meeting, discussion, or project. OneNote allows you to sync your notes and documents from your computer or iPhone to your phone so you always have them ready to go. OneNote will automatically synchronize your notes and documents whenever you make a new note.

Any of these apps would be great to have on your phone. There are different versions available for both iOS and Android. Look around at some of the options until you find one you like. These apps provide you with many features that you might find useful. No matter what your preferences are, you should find one of these apps to take notes with your phone.