WordPress remains the most flexible platform for creating online stores . We know that you are passionate about the web, so here we bring you the best free WordPress plugins with which to start your ecommerce without spending a dime.

Best Free Woocommerce Plugins

Despite the stiff competition from other CMS like Prestashop or Shopify, WordPress is the preferred choice of website builders covering more than half of the CMS market .

The flexibility of WordPress allows us to create from a corporate website to a Woocommerce store with all its features. Much of the blame for the success of this platform lies with its extensive collection of plugins. Here we select some of the best when you think about creating or updating your online store, and best of all, free.

Woocommerce plugin for wordpress

When we talk about WordPress and online store, we talk about the famous Woocommerce. This popular base plugin turns your wordpress into an online store in seconds. Manage your catalog, create and improve your products and enjoy its simple payment gateway with many options . In addition, it is open source so that you take care of even the smallest detail of your corporate identity.

Because it is necessary?

Above all because it offers you a basic and functional infrastructure with which you have most of the work done. Although it is the minimum base through which to create your website, it will also require other plugins. These can be Premium, optimizing their efficiency to the maximum, but you can start using the paid ones.

Plugin Revi.io free version

Revi.io is in turn an online opinion system created in Spain and a true switchboard from which to monitor your online reputation. Unlike other opinion systems, Revi starts with a Free plan that you can extend only if you need it, without permanence or limitations. In addition, it provides visibility and value to your articles by incorporating a specific Rich Snippet for products and another for stores in which users give their opinion, improving your visibility on Google. What more can we ask for less?

Because it is necessary? 

Revi.io improves the visibility of your online business exponentially both as a store and at a product level. Despite not being a direct sales plugin, it manages to improve the reliability of the business by multiplying sales . Its premium plans incorporate many other additional advantages, but to begin with, you will have plenty with this version.

Plugin PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

When we install Woocommerce we find some shortcomings, such as the one related to the control of delivery notes and varied invoices . This plugin greatly simplifies this by making it much easier for us to send invoices and track each purchase. Especially suitable for B2B stores, it incorporates multi-language and automatic sending to me mails .

Because I need it? 

The PDF Invoices & packing Slips for Woocommerce in its free version is enough to keep accounting and control sales of your online business. It replaces very well the classic manual delivery note in which you write down 1 to 1 each order, but digital and in the cloud, and accessible when you need it.

Plugin Ultimate FAQs

Content is King, or so they say! With this plugin you will be able to add a great added value to each product, and this has a great repercussion. Answering the most common questions about a product is the best way to show knowledge and convince by creating thematic content that helps you position and gain relevance. This plugin makes it very easy for you.

Because you need it? 

Create content for your products, help sales, organize and add value. A very functional plugin that perfectly complements the structured data of the FAQ and can also be reflected in the SERPs. Do not miss the opportunity to gain visits on Google with it.


Advanced Shipment Tracking WooCommerce Plugin

Behind this mysterious name is the best way to manage your product shipments. Everything you need to  automate the workflow of your online store and keep your customers informed at all times of the status of their order. Quite an improvement in customer satisfaction and savings in time spent on post-shipment queries.

Because you need it?

This plugin makes it easy for the customer to track their order by connecting them directly with 300 shipping providers . As a business owner, it saves you a lot of management and follow-up time. Import CSV with warehouse or dropshipping tracking data. A great way to control the shipping process of your store.

Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin (Bonus)

We had said 5 plugins, but we did not want to leave out this functionality that affects the conversion of your store. Stripe is one of the most popular payment gateways . To the reliability that it provides we add the addition of the main credit cards, Google pay or Apple pay. The authentication of the purchase is safe and simple, transmitting a high level of seriousness and trust, and all for free!

Because I need it?

It is useless to have a great product , if the client finds serious difficulties when making the payment. Stripe strips that down to its bare minimum. The customer will notice it, and your monthly conversion rate will too.

Free plugins for your WordPress store

WordPress dependency on plugins is an issue that concerns ecommerce owners. There is a real risk that an excess of plugins can affect the performance of your business.

However, if we select the necessary ones to cover the main needs, there will be no problem. We must not get carried away by the euphoria of the moment and install more plugins than we really need for our website to work comfortably. Those that we have selected on this website completely free of charge cover what you need at 0 cost.

As you move forward, consider moving the most crucial ones to the paid version. You will not regret.